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We are capable of handling an array of tasks in our daily operations and we develop in-house mentors who help those with less experience. We also engage outside experts to conduct specialised trainings. We value knowledge and experience but, most importantly, the intrinsic motivation for self-improvement and self-development. To be professional is a never-ending journey we are all embarking upon.

Professional team

We are a strong team of manufacturing industry experts boasting an extensive experience and a comprehensive expertise in wood processing technologies and striving to constantly improve our machining processes. We are experienced export managers as our products are exported to many European countries. We are also sale professionals working on an international scale. We create our unique projects together with architects and designers from Lithuania, Poland, the United Kingdom and Italy who appreciate close partnership and cooperation with our company.


We have great love and passion for oakwood. Our commitment to our trade inspires us to treat both humans and nature responsibly and with respect and fuels our determination to act transparently and fairly. It also drives our ambition to deliver high-quality products bringing timeless warmth to people’s homes.

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