Oak worktops

Oak panels and worktops are produced gluing together high-quality solid oak blocks (finger-jointed).
Oak wood is hard, durable and perfect for European climate.
You can make various joinery products out of ECOWOOD glued oak panels that are suitable for different purposes.

Oak worktops producer

Oak worktops

  • Produced to suit individual needs We manufacture variuos oak glued oak panels and worktops suitable to your individual needs and fit to very different purposes. Our manufacturing technologies allow us to produce maximum stability oak panels convenient for further production.
  • Slowest-drying modes Wood drying is an important preparatory stage in wood processing which determines the durability of the end product. We do use the best kiln drying technologies working under slowest drying modes and ensure continuous temperature and humidity control.
  • Highest quality We do control and take responsibility for the whole timber supply chain: from timber selection, to slow-drying mode kiln dryers, from oak wood grading up to precise product manufacturing and quality control in every step of production lead. We do use state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies and certified, highest-quality equipment and materials.

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