Oak stairs

A staircase is an important part of every home decor. A well-selected, high-quality wooden oak stairs will add a touch of class to your interior and will increase the value of your home. It will also make your home more convenient and stylish.

Oak stairs

  • Designed to suit individual needs We design and manufacture oak staircases according to individual orders. Our wide range of colours and manufacturing technologies allow us to produce staircases which are convenient and stylish and ideally suited to your interior.
  • State-of-the-art production Our smart robotic machines enable us to manufacture staircase structures of the highest level of complexity. We perform precision cutting and machining of stair steps, stair frames and decor elements according to computerised drawings.
  • Highest quality We carefully control the entire supply chain: from wood selection, shipping and precise technological cycle of wood preparation to manufacturing, professional installation and warranty. Our prices are among the most competitive in the market.

Installation and maintenance products

Stiklo pilnas įleidimas į laiptų konstrukciją
Stiklo apačia lygi pagal pakopas
Stiklo apačia karpyta pagal pakopas
Stiklas tvirtintas su tabletėmis iš šono
Stiklas įtvirtintas su laikikliais tarp stulpų
Stiklas įleistas tik į pakopas ir priepakopius
VV type
VAV type
KB type
HV type
E or B type
C type
AV type
A type
E tipas
C tipas
B tipas
A tipas
AC tipas
V tipas
VAV tipas
E tipas
C tipas
B tipas
AV tipas
A tipas

Our experienced and reliable specialists will come to your home anywhere in Lithuania, Poland or any other agreed location  to take custom measurements and will professionally install the flooring, the door or the staircase of your dreams. Precision and superior craftsmanship is the top priority. We also provide warranty for our products.

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