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A new modern “MEDŽIO STILIUS” showroom in Vilnius

In September, a new “MEDŽIO STILIUS” showroom was launched on Kareivių g. 12 in Vilnius, and the visitors have already had a chance to appreciate its space, style, and convenience. The showroom showcases samples of wooden floors, doors, stairs, offering every shopper a convenient opportunity to see, touch, and feel the texture of oak, analyse its technical parameters, get to know the variety of forms and colours. The helpful, professional team of consultants is there to advise the clients and answer any questions they may have.

The first visitors to the showroom were interior designers, architects, partners, colleagues, and friends, who were invited to a presentation of the Mastri Toscani collection. “In a world where technology rules, we are increasingly looking for things that are real and natural; we turn to wood and realise the value of natural colours all over again”, Giedrius Leliūga, the company’s founder and CEO, said in his inaugural speech. “It is clear that we miss what is real and natural, we seek to rebuild our closeness and ties with nature. We are loyal to oak, but we are not just makers: in collaboration with the Italian designer Enrico Piselli, we have designed a unique collection of colours for oak floors”. All new additions and more are available to see at a time that is convenient for the clients, because the showroom is open Saturdays as well. Do bring your children – they will find exciting things to do here, too.

The showroom on Žukausko g. in Vilnius is now closed and we are looking forward to seeing you all at Kareivių g. 12.

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