Privacy policy

Ecowood UAB respects the right to privacy of every visitor.

While visiting the website, cookies are stored on a user’s computer or other device. They are designed to ensure proper performance of all the features of the website. The website provides a visitor with the information about uses of cookies and asks for their consent at the start of the visit.

Ecowood UAB reserves the right to analyse consumer behaviour, purchasing and other activity on the website by means of Google Analytics and other tools. This allows to provide consumers with the most suitable proposals and make the use of the website even more consumer-friendly. Ecowood UAB does not store this information separately. Information about Google privacy policy can be found here.

In submitting a request, visitors agree to these Conditions and provide the following information:

Name, email address and city of a visitor.

Ecowood UAB bears no responsibility for inaccurate or misleading information provided by visitors.

Every visitor can address Ecowood UAB regarding inaccurate data and the company undertakes to rectify it. This can be done by contacting by the ways provided below.

Every visitor has the right to withdraw any given consent.

Personal data will be collected and processed for the following purposes:

  •  processing orders for goods;
  •  maintaining the rapport with clients;
  •  issuing commercial documents such as invoices;
  •  honouring other contractual obligations;
  •  staying in contact with customers regarding the provision of services and goods;
  •  for direct marketing purposes.

The data provided shall be stored in the system until the customers use the services.

Every customer who contacts us by the ways provided below can receive comprehensive information about the personal data processed by Ecowood UAB.

Every customer has the right to apply for deletion of their data kept in the Ecowood UAB system.

Purchasing data is stored for at least 5 years.

Ecowood UAB has the right to analyse impersonal data of customers and their purchases for statistical purposes.

Ecowood UAB undertakes to take all the measures to properly protect personal information of its clients. Ecowood UAB undertakes to use personal information of its clients only for purposes laid out in these Conditions, but reserves its right to transmit information of the visitors to the third parties only under Lithuanian and EU law.

In the event of any doubt as to Ecowood UAB being in breach of the data protection requirements imposed by the data protection legislation, please contact us by the ways provided below and we will make every effort to dispel any doubts and rectify any mistake.

Application of conditions

These Conditions apply to every visitor of the website at any moment of their visit. Ecowood UAB reserves the right to amend these Conditions without a separate prior notice. Ecowood UAB will inform its visitors about the amendments of the Conditions on its website, the customers, however, have to check the Conditions and comply with them every time they visit the website.


In respect of any question related to the Conditions, please contact:

Ecowood UAB

LT-54222 Vilkija, Kaunas distr.

Phone: +370 37 556133

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