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De-constructing myths: More on easy and comfortable maintenance of oak floors

Medinės grindys

There are still questions about whether it will be easy to take care of oak flooring, so that it serves our needs for a life-long time. What to choose oiled or lacquered. For us, professionals, these considerations sound strange, but we understand if there are questions – it is necessary to answer them openly.

Let’s start with the fact that wood flooring by “Medžio Stilius“ is covered with oil. We have chosen this deliberately for a number of reasons working for our customers and for us.

First of all, oil does not overwhelm the beauty of natural wood. The oiled floor is covered with wood patterns, texture, grooves, and barefoot feet feel the warmth of the wood. It is important for us to bring the natural feel-and-look of oak to every home.

Secondly, oil is a great tool to protect the tree from external influences. The wood absorbs the oil as much as it needs and is well protected from water, scratches, and other external influences.

Thirdly, we use only SAICOS oils based on high-quality natural materials (oils and waxes), which are used even in the production of children’s toys. On our floor, children can play barefoot, touch with their hands, and parents feel safe and confident.

From our factory “ECOWOOD” customers have access to floorboards, which are oiled with at least two layers, i. e. solid oak wood coating has been created, while leaving a natural look of wood. If you want more than just a natural color of the wood, we use oils with a color pigment to give the flooring the desired shade.

How to maintain oiled flooring?

Alyvuotos ąžuolinės grindys

Everything is very simple: we recommend that you wash the floor in a bucket of water by adding a small amount of cleaning substance specially designed oiled flooring. The materials in it strengthen and refresh the oiled surface. That way the floor will always look flawless.

If you want to refresh the surface after a few years, everyone can do it easily. First, we clean the floor, then apply a thin layer of oil, let it dry. And no scrubbing!

Alyvuotos medinės grindys

Well, unless you want to change the color of the floor. Then the floor is scrubbed and oiled with the selected color oil. The process is the same – a thin coat. After this layer has dried, it is oiled again.

Please note that it is necessary to read the recommendations on the oil packaging as they will remind you that a very small layer of oil is sufficient.

It’s even easier if you accidentally scratch and want to remove scratches. Forget the frustrating work that needs to be done if the floor is lacquered – then you need to scrub and change the entire surface. The oiled floor is easy to arrange: a little scrubbing of the problem area, apply a thin layer of oil, and after a while you will not notice any sign – everything is fine. By the way, there are customers who just appreciates the signs of time on the floor, which remind us of the small children where their feet were striking. You have to choose, because with oak floors you have all the conditions to solve an issue and act independently.

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