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Herringbone and Chevron oak flooring – a forever young classic

There are different names for the flooring patterns: the French Chevron, whose ends are trimmed at 45 or 30 degrees. The ends, when laid in a classical manner, meet symmetrically.

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Classic or Herringbone pattern is with 90 degrees angles. The ends of such pattern are “overlapping” with each other in a classic way.

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Even in the most up-to-date interiors, Chevron or Herringbone flooring is a common occurrence today. Why do we love classics? Let‘s talk with interior designer Egle Jagelavičiūtė about the latest trends.

Laying of Chevron and the Herringbone patterns is considered classics. Do you recommend these designs for modern interiors?

The key of today’s design is all possible stylistic combinations, both in terms of color and texture. When it comes to combinations of “classic and modern”, it is an integral part of the interior. We often hear from our customers: “We want to get back home for rest, but minimal luxury must be associated with the rest. “Over the years, classics are unaffected by changes in interior styling, seasonality and monotony.

For those who want to emphasize modernity, we offer the Chevron collection: it gives the room a sense of lightness and space.

For more supporting solid classics, we suggest choosing a classic Herringbone.

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What is so special of Herringbone and Chevron that keeps the pattern popular from generation to generation?

I tend to think – the absence of monotony or the impression of movement on the floor. One of the main accents when decorating a home is the floor that screams loudly: decor!

Only minimal finishing touches remain.

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The patterns vary in degrees: 90 degrees, 45 degrees, 30 degrees. What’s most popular right now? Why?

Most popular today is the 45 degrees Chevron pattern. Today, the balance between peace of mind and a busy lifestyle has been emphasized.

I believe that these factors strongly influence decision making. This is ultimately reflected in our home.

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The colors of the flooring look different: on the straight boards and on the Chevron or Herringbone patterns. What are your recommendations for choosing colors for different laying methods and why?

I always emphasize moderation and balance. A smart balance, when not overloaded, calm, yet solid, reflects and completes the final home decor.

I always take into account desires by clients, the location of the object, the view behind the window, the intensity of light and shadows. These aspects affect the final color game, their intensity, flooring board colors for warmth, abundance of branches, or lack thereof. When laying a Chevron or Herringbone patterns we already have an accentuated direction of laying it, so I suggest choosing a clean board with no branches. When choosing and laying flooring with boards, there is more freedom of choice. We can choose from a variety of oak grading: both classic and select. These decisions determine the interior style we seek to create.

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