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When the event truly unites the team

Our group of companies from Lithuania, Poland, United Kingdom “Medžio Stilius”, “Styl Drzewa”, “Ecowood”, “Ecohardwood” have an old tradition: every spring we travel to the forest to plant oak trees. Not just planting several symbolic trees in front of the cameras, but preparing, discussing and negotiating with the foresters we do a serious and necessary job – we plant several thousand young trees. The oak is basically deep rooted in our activities, values, our DNA. Every employee can tell a lot about oak, its value, and we base our activities on responsibility and respect for a valuable and limited natural resource.

This time we want to share our insights not about oak, but about the team and events which are instrumental to further develop organization, and why this work brings people together better than usual celebrations, forms a special communion with a unique spirit and solid values.

  1. Values ​​declared within an organization must coincide with daily behavior, activities and practices. Respect for nature and oak is the same as respect for a human being. It is an indivisible unity. Employees with their own hands, responsibly planting trees within themselves and in the team develop a respectful relationship with the environment, and in everyday work there is no need for additional sessions to explain how important values ​​are, how they shape an organization’s identity.
  2. Deep knowledge of the characteristics of oak wood is necessary, because our knowledge is passed on to our customers. When you come to any show room in Lithuania or Poland, you will feel that the consultants are well versed in commenting on the colors, design and the ability to convey the beauty of the wood, the value to the human being. This is how the team of experts and real connoisseurs is formed.
  3. Unsigned work requires real, untiring efforts, fatigue, sweat and, of course, collaboration. The seedlings are planted by two: one makes a special hole, the other carefully lays the roots of the young tree and consolidates. Simple? Remember that we plant a few thousand, so we need the precision of the movements, the understanding of each other, the confidence and the ability to help. These are the qualities that all organizations seek to develop, maybe not as effective as we do in this long tradition.
  4. The most important thing is that people are motivated and energized by the meaningfulness of their work. It is not enough to assign a task today, because search for meaning and higher purpose has already become part of the younger generation. We do not deny other team building activities, there may be group challenges in the swamp. However, the tradition of planting trees brings a lot of added value because everyone feels that they are doing meaningful work that is important to people and nature.

Meaning, purpose, values ​​and a tradition of consistent growth create our unique and collaborative team of professionals.

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