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Standing Out with a State-of-the-Art Manufacturing

What is the secret behind our exclusive top-quality oak flooring, oak doors, and stairs? The answer is craftsmanship and state-of-the-art equipment. This combination has proved itself to be working perfectly and the result vividly stands out in the market with the highest recognition from interior designers, architects, and clients. Thousands of sq meters of flooring, installed doors, and stairs in houses and offices across numerous European countries tell the story of tailor-made manufacturing:
• experienced craftsmen at Ecowood,
• well-managed processes and
• modern equipment with over 2 million Eur investment
It is guaranteed the satisfaction of the most elaborate needs and designs, indisputable quality, and value-add to unique styles of interior.

Oak drying is at the core of wood preparation process

Engineered oak flooring, engineered oak doors and oak stairs increase the value of any property. However, there are a wide variety of oak products available in the market. Experts can tell the difference at a glance. For clients, we are ready to provide some insights to learn more and get confidence in making the right choices. Price discussions can come at a later stage after you learn the subtleties of manufacturing. Well-organized processes, responsible sourcing, modern technologies, and equipment make a valuable combination to ensure quality for people.

Ecowood stands out with precise technical solutions and the highest manufacturing standards. It all starts with the drying process at our facilities with Belgium-produced drying machines. 19 Belgian-type dryers allow us to prepare~ 1000m³ of oak wood. Top-class equipment allows us to use a maximum slow drying regime as this is so important for product durability. You can hardly find any other manufacturer with an average of 35 days of a drying cycle. We go slow as we know oak, and we know our demanding clients who trust our expertise.


Natural home-like conditions are observed throughout the process

We have developed technology to smoothly oil oak flooring, doors, and stairs. Our deliberate choice to apply oiling is to maintain the natural feel & look of oak just giving some of the colors for numerous interior design options.

Eco-friendly Germany produced SAICOS oil is applied with tenderness and care of the hand work. Most importantly all drying is performed exclusively under natural conditions: pre-finished oiled items stay for a certain period at room temperature with natural interior air ventilation without any additional, artificial speeding techniques. It may sound simple but the time we give for oil to be absorbed creates an immense benefit for further long-lasting use in any home environment. This is a unique patient process implemented by our team of oak masters.


Precision above the limits: our celebrated oak parquet

Herringbone and Chevron flooring patterns feature shorter floorboards laid out at angles, there are key differences in the way the planks are cut and installed. But in each case precision is paramount!
A Herringbone floor is made with rectangular planks all cut to the same size. Each plank is laid out at 90° from another, creating a kind of broken zigzag pattern that is prized for its asymmetry.
In contrast, a Chevron pattern is made with planks where the ends of each board are cut at an angle of 30°, 45°. When fitted together, the boards come to a point to create an inverted V pattern.
Our computerized automated machines can precisely achieve the required angle, no matter whether it’s 30°, 45°, or 90° degrees. This is one of our latest investment projects and we proudly state that we are perhaps the most precise parquet manufacturer in the Baltics.

Designer: Greta Mockutė-Štrimaitė Photographer: Antanas Štrimaitis

Robots deliver complex custom-made stairs projects

Stairs are the most individualized products combining technical design, style and décor elements, and individual architectural solutions of the house. Our intelligent robotic machines enable us to manufacture staircase structures of the highest level of complexity. Precise cutting and manufacturing of stair steps, stair frames, and decor elements in various shapes according to computerized drawings allow most elaborate projects to become reality at Ecowood.

Unique styles and designs for oak doors

Our engineered interior doors offer a perfect combination of classic style and exceptional quality. The technology and equipment enable us to manufacture custom measurements: robotic machine tools deliver according to individual measurements, precisely cutting spaces for hinges and locks. Stylish hardware options are available to numerous tastes and preferences. Décor patterns are started with drawings and completed with excellence and precise milling – Velvet model is a great example! Perhaps, we are the only Baltic manufacturer of that stylish doors with complicated, intricate patterns.



Ecowood is a respected producer that sells in more than 20 different countries. We’re trusted by our partners, known among the designers, and recommended by the final customers. Partnering with us means that you will be supported by sales and marketing tools, and your clients will get the best price and quality ratio, incredible style, and truly durable products.

Have questions or want to learn more about the partnering opportunities? Don’t hesitate to contact our team!

Design by: IDAS, Vaida Kandratavičiūtė,  Kristina Balaišytė. Photographer: Simonas Liunkevičius.

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