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Students visiting Medžio Stilius showroom

It was interesting to talk to young interior designers from Vilnius College of Technology and Design who visited “Medžio Stilius” show-room in Vilnius. Meetings with future interior professionals are becoming a tradition as our goal is to contribute by example to the practical experiences that students can have during their studies and successfully apply in their work. Students’ attention and demanding questions testify to a serious approach to preparing for a future career. From oak, our products, production to eco-friendly, natural materials, interior fashion trends – everything curious young people are interested in and need. What is more, students are also interested in the philosophy of the company, the values on which the business is based and its long-term perspective. All that remains is to thank the college lecturer Andrej Miakinkov for his training of young interior designers, whom we will have the pleasure of working with in the future.

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