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Summer event with thoughts about customer value creation

“Medžio Stilius” and “Ecowood” teams continue a meaningful tradition: gathering together and spending quality time with colleagues and family members at the end of the summer. This year, in Molėtai district forests, all sports, team activities have a clear idea behind – cooperation and how it translates into value for the client. We are experienced manufacturers of oak stairs, flooring and doors, and we are also professional sales consultants. How to effectively combine existing competencies to meet changing customer needs? The processes and standards of effective production and advanced management must be filled with everyone’s motivation, ability to see the bigger picture, and determination to take one extra step towards a common goal. Equally important is the understanding, support and shared pride of families that we can offer the market high quality products, style, design solutions, durability and comfort in every home. Although the summer event was filled with wonderful emotions, lots of laughter and warm, friendly communication, its meaning lies deeper: growing a solid team of dedicated professionals who will surely surprise customers with their innovations, ideas and unique oak products.

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