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The New Mastri Toscani Collection, only at “Ecowood”

“Classic. Natural. Tuscany. Beauty”. This is how its author, Enrico Piselli, describes the new collection of Tuscan colours. The collaboration between Ecowood and the Italian designer Enrico Piselli that started a few years back is producing excellent results: the clients, interior designers, architects have been presented with a unique collection of colours inspired by the nature of the Tuscan region.

The collection features twelve colours designed specifically for oak floors. As the author himself puts it, “I do not create colour, I take it from nature”, thus trying to accentuate the influence of the Tuscan scenery on his work. Oak and Italy are an undisputed combination of two classics. The natural design reflected in the texture of oak, the flutes and lines in the wood that are not overwhelmed by colour create an image of something natural. Enrico Piselli’s beloved homeland Tuscany shines in every colour: the russet of the sun-kissed grass, the shades of the castles that appear to have been there for eternity, the white of the morning mist, and the feeling of living nature.









Colours inspired by the landscapes of central Italy and the longevity of oak reveal their beauty and inspire a flight of fantasy in designing a unique home style, an elegant and robust interior. Every colour is uniquely named after the source of the author’s inspiration: the Capraia Island, Mount Amiata with its crown of lava, the Chiana Valley, and so on.


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