Oak Floor Colours by an Italian Master from the Mastri Toscani collection

What colours of wooden flooring are trending this year? Is there such a thing as unique, artisan colours for the floor? Is the floor really one of the key elements of the interior, which calls for consideration of both its functionality and its style? These are among the questions that occur to everyone who is decorating or renovating their home.

This fall, “Medžio stilius”, a Lithuanian oak floor, door, and stair design and production company that has been in business for nearly twenty years, had some good news to its clients who are in the market for new floors, and opened new creative possibilities to architects and interior designers with the unique collection of floor colours under the Italian title of Mastri Toscani (Masters of Tuscany). The author of this collection of colours is Enrico Piselli, an Italian designer who is proud of his Tuscan roots and has achieved a degree of success in collaborating with Lithuanian craftsmen.

In spring 2017, the company’s plant in Vilkija saw the launch of an experiment, which is today being crowned by this one-of-a-kind collection of Tuscan colours: oak coated in colours inspired by the nature of southern Italy, which is then used to manufacture floorboards. This helps create a unique style and cosiness of home with a prevalent Italian emotion and warmth, the typical russet tones of the sun-kissed plains of Tuscany, the white pavements of town squares, the brown colour and intensity of fertile land.

“We always regard oak as a special, one-of-a-kind tree, and not just for its sturdiness and longevity: we are great believers in its artistic, stylistic, and functional value. The beauty of nature in oak is inimitable. And once we add warm, authentic shades of Tuscany that have been enriched with the artist’s emotion to it, the result is just staggering,” said Giedrius Leliūga, the founder and CEO of “Medžio stilius”.

Each oak board shows flutes, lines, there are no similar, repetitive motives, the tests of time that the tree has weathered over a hundred years are mirrored in the wood like nowhere else. Enrico Piselli, the author of the collection, says: “I combine my two passions: oak and the beauty of the Tuscan nature. Working with oak here in Lithuania is a special honour and pleasure. I am fascinated by the warmth of Tuscany and the colours of its landscape, therefore I say that I do not create colours, I take them from nature. Cooperating with the “Medžio stilius” team, I have the freedom to create, I have oak of superb quality, and I have my Lithuanian colleagues who know what they are doing. And my definition of the result is simple: “Classico, Naturale, Toscano, Bello” (classic, natural, Tuscany, beauty)”.

The colours are unique, for each and every one of them was designed individually, using components imported from Italy. Mixing them with water and various pigments preserves the natural looks of the oak wood. The author highlights that the colour does not cover the wood completely, leaving the flutes and lines and the entire “natural design” of oak visible to the eye and perceptible to the bare feet. The collection was designed moving from the colour that is darker and more intense towards lighter, sometimes greyer shades. But the original work of nature – the natural texture of oak – is visible across the board.

The names of the colours in the collection were not picked randomly either. The author named each colour after the place, village, mountain, or valley that had inspired him: Farnetella, Siena, Pienza, Montalcino, and so on. Everyone decorating their home will enjoy an Italian emotion just as they will a piece of the gorgeous Tuscany. The Mastri Toscani is now available at all “Medžio stilius” showrooms in major Lithuanian cities.

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