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Our Plant in DUBAVA Continues Heroic Work in Ukraine

Mlyniv (Ukrainian. Млинів; Polish: Młynów) – a small town in the Rivne region of western Ukraine. Mlyniv is also the administrative center of the Mlyniv district, where in 2001 according to the census, 8.5 thousand people lived there. A peaceful, green town on the banks of the Iwava River. Since 2004 we started a wood processing company in Dubava, which belongs to our group. We use only European oak from sustainably managed and reforested forests. This type of oak is no different from others growing in Lithuania, Poland, but we chose Ukraine because we have very few oak resources in Lithuania. And, of course, the quality of wood plays an important role – it is a great uniqueness.

A man works in wood processing company in Dubava, Ukraine

Plans, good aspirations, projects, people’s lives changed on February 24th. After Russia attacked Ukraine. We all read the news and watch the grim images of the war. Bombs, shootings and civilian casualties have already reached western Ukraine. From the first day of the war, we communicate with colleagues anxiously, to find out what help is needed, our whole community is determined to help accept women and children who want to evacuate, money, belongings, countless hours of volunteering, our thoughts and prayers – all with the colleagues in Ukraine.

And they marvel at the unbreakable strength of their spirits. We are indescribably delighted to learn that the Ukrainians have resumed timber production! They work! They do not sit idly by, do not hide, because as long as they can, they work with even greater enthusiasm, they lead one thought – we have to work, export, accumulate funds for the reconstruction of the Homeland. It is not a commemorative speech, but a calm voice on the phone about the situation in Dubava.

We want to share a first-hand comment from a colleague working in Dubava: “If we can say that in our situation, everything is fine. In Lutsk and Rivne, 40 km from us, rockets were fired, but in general everything is under control. Our region is still a logistics center, as most of all humanitarian aid comes from the EU and the US to Rivne, Lutsk or Lviv and is sorted and packaged here and then sent to the eastern part of Ukraine. We had a lot of challenges in the work process, the first one was logistical, because 90% of the oak we use comes to us from war-torn regions. So in a very short time, we found new suppliers and started using rail to deliver timber from some distant regions. We work 1.5 shifts, some people from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., some employees on some special machines from 3 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., from 10 p.m. curfew has been entered. Every day after work, many volunteer until 9:30 p.m., even on weekends. We haven’t had a proper weekend since February 24th because it’s impossible to sit at home in a situation like this. Thank you to all Lithuanian companies that continue cooperation with Ukrainian businesses. Not only support is important to us, but also the opportunity to support families and communities, to help those who are fighting, to plan the reconstruction of the country. ”

A man works in wood processing company in Dubava, Ukraine

We are proud of our partners, friends and colleagues. The trucks arriving at our factory with the raw material return with the support of Ukraine on the Polish-Ukrainian border. No occupier can defeat this nation, which continues to work for the good of the country.

For us, wood from Ukraine has taken on a different meaning. It’s not just about quality and beauty for our customers. Ukrainians believe in victory without reservation, and we support not only by accepting here, sending support, but not interrupting the purchase. You can also contribute: the more we buy from Ukraine, the more important they feel in each place to contribute to building the future.

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