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Medzio stilius meistrai mokymai Saicos Stauf medines grindys durys laiptai

Professionals share knowledge and recommend to clients

The quality of oak flooring is determined by many factors: the quality of the wood, its preparation, the production process, as well as the materials used for the final stage of laying the boards. In cooperation with the German companies “Stauf” and “Saicos”, our craftsmen not only grow their professional, technical and technological knowledge, they immediately apply all the news and best practices in the production of flooring, bring it to clients’ homes, offices, wherever oak floors are installed.

Why do masters recommend using “Saicos” oil?

More and more people value the natural look of wood and prefer oiled floorboards. They win twice: enjoy the natural wood texture, the look and the easy maintenance of the floor. If the surface is lacquered, it is difficult to update a particular area, as the boundary between old and newly coated lacquer usually remains visible, which means that the entire surface needs to be sanded and repainted. It is not necessary to sand the entire surface of the oiled flooring, it is sufficient to sand the required area and apply the oil. “Saicos” oil is also special in that it is made from natural vegetable raw materials – vegetable waxes and oils: carnauba and candelilla waxes, soy, sunflower and thistle oils, paraffin waxes. The oil does not contain biocides or preservatives. Oil for all types of wooden floors, naturally protects the wood, allows it to breathe and regulates moisture.

Medzio stilius meistrai mokymai Saicos Stauf medines grindys durys laiptai


How to choose the right glue?

This is one of the most important steps before laying a wooden flooring if you want the floor to last long and reliably. “Ecowood” craftsmen recommend the German market leader “Stauf” glue. The company has over 175 years of experience in adhesive production, which tells a lot about product quality, innovation and reliability. The most commonly used flooring is polymeric, polyurethane or solvent based adhesive, which does not contain water. This adhesive can be used to glue wooden flooring directly to the concrete substrate and is suitable for heated floors.

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