Rustic Elegance: The Perfect Fusion of Light Wood Flooring and Rustic Grading

Architect Tatiana Voevodina (ATM Interior)
Completed project

White and whitewashed wood flooring never goes out of style; as it’s a flexible choice for creating open, welcoming, and peaceful home spaces. Another growing trend each year is the focus on natural materials. When it comes to wood flooring, this mostly means rustic grade, which has knots, color variations, and tiny cracks that highlight the unique beauty of the natural material.

As expected, these two trends are coming together as more people look for a so-called ‘rustic elegance.’ For example, in this interior designed by Tatiana Voevodina, a Transparent white (3409) flooring shade adds a classy and modern touch to the rustic grading, creating a beautiful mix of timeless and contemporary appeal.

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