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How to Maintain and Renew Oak Flooring?

Oak flooring adds warmth and elegance to any space. Still, regular maintenance is essential to keep it looking its best and lasting as long as possible. Like any other natural surface, oak flooring needs attention and care. Still, the frequent customer comments and questions have prompted us to suggest or remind you of some of the aspects of oak flooring maintenance and renewal. This will help you maintain the lasting beauty of your oak floor for many years to come.

How to Maintain and Renew Oak Flooring?

The Simple and Convenient Renewal of Oak Flooring

Our oak floorboards are engineered with a 3.5 mm thick oak surface. We coat our oak floorboards and parquet floors with eco-friendly SAICOS oil, produced in Germany. The oil is well absorbed into the wood and retains its natural look even when applied with colour-enhancing oil. The oiled boards are left to dry naturally under ambient conditions – we do not speed up the process, as these boards last reliably in the customers’ environment.

The significant advantage is that oiled oak flooring can be easily refinished by re-oiling, a straightforward process. Unlike lacquered floors, which may need to be completely refinished, re-oiling is often more straightforward and less time consuming.

Minor scratches or wear can often be repaired by sanding and applying oil only to the damaged area. For more extensive mechanical damage, special wax pads are used for renewal. Curious how does the process look like? Watch it in the video below.

Suppose you want to renew the whole floor after a certain period, not just localised scratches. In that case, the process will be easy, fast, saving time and money. Once oiled, the oak flooring will only need a light sanding and a clean wash to prepare for re-oiling. In contrast, varnished floors often require sanding of the entire surface to remove the existing varnish. At the same time, laminate or other synthetic flooring cannot be renovated in this way.

Refurbishing oiled oak flooring is often more accessible to DIY enthusiasts. Applying oil is relatively simple and does not necessarily require professional knowledge. It enables everyone to undertake minor maintenance and repair work.


Over time, oiled floors acquire a richness that brings out their natural beauty. Re-oiling helps to maintain this appearance and can even deepen the colour and character of the wood. Re-oiling uses natural oils or wax-based products, which are generally safer for the environment and indoor air quality than certain varnishes that may contain volatile organic compounds.

How to Maintain and Renew Oak Flooring?

Oiled oak floors retain the natural texture of the wood. The refinishing process preserves this characteristic, ensuring the flooring continues to radiate its unique charm. Refinishing is a gentle process that focuses on nurturing the wood.

Efficient and Environmentally Friendly Care Products

We use German-made eco-friendly SAICOS oil. The oil is made from natural vegetable raw materials – vegetable waxes and oils: carnauba and candelilla waxes, soya, sunflower and thistle oils, and paraffin waxes. The oils are free of biocides and preservatives. The oil is suitable for all types of wooden floors. It naturally protects the wood, allows it to breathe and regulates humidity.

The oil suits all wooden surfaces: hardwood, laminate and veneered floors, cork flooring, and heavily used surfaces such as tables and desks. They are recommended for oiling children’s toys. Ideal for surfaces in wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. Oiled floors are easy to clean, maintain and renew.

How to Maintain and Renew Oak Flooring?

There is a wide selection of SAICOS products for daily maintenance of oak floors. The eco-friendly concentrated cleaners contain wax, so when added to water, they will leave the flooring ultra-clean and coat them with a thin layer of wax particles for more excellent resistance to all kinds of stresses.

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