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Numerous Benefits of Solid-engineered Wood Panels

We understand the value that solid-engineered wood panels bring to our clients. Our solid-engineered oakwood panels are crafted with precision and care, utilizing a construction technique that combines the best qualities of solid oak and engineered wood. Here, we will explore the advantages and benefits that our clients can enjoy when choosing these wood panels for their projects.

Numerous Benefits Of Solid Engineered Wood Panels

Wood Panels with Oak Lamella Showcase the Natural Beauty and Distinctive Grain Patterns of Oakwood

The core of our solid-engineered oak wood panels is a high-quality glued finger-jointed oak panel. This core provides excellent stability and durability, minimizing the risk of warping or shrinking that is commonly associated with solid wood. By utilizing finger-jointed oak, we maximize the strength of the core, ensuring a reliable foundation for the panel.

On top and bottom of the core, we attach a 4 mm oak lamella, which serves as the visible layer of the panel. This solid oak lamella showcases the natural beauty and distinctive grain patterns of oakwood, providing an authentic and timeless aesthetic. The 4 mm thickness allows for multiple sandings and refinishing, ensuring longevity and the ability to refresh the wood panel’s appearance over time.

The combination of the solid oak lamella and the finger-jointed oak panel core offers several advantages. First, the engineered construction minimizes the expansion and contraction of the wood due to changes in humidity and temperature, making the panels more stable compared to traditional solid wood panels. This stability is particularly important in environments where fluctuations in moisture levels are common, such as kitchens or bathrooms.

Second, the use of finger-jointed oak panels allows us to maximize the utilization of the oakwood, reducing waste and making our production process more sustainable. We take pride in our commitment to responsible sourcing and manufacturing practices, and solid-engineered oakwood panels align with our environmentally-conscious approach.

Oak Panels Provide Versatility and Flexibility for Our Clients

Furthermore, the double-sided application of the solid oak lamella provides versatility and flexibility for our clients. They have the option to use either side of the panel, depending on their design preferences or specific project requirements. This double-sided feature adds value by offering more design possibilities and allowing for creative freedom.

In summary, our solid-engineered oakwood panels, consisting of 4 mm oak lamella glued on top and bottom of a glued finger-jointed oak panel, bring numerous benefits to our clients. These panels offer enhanced stability, durability, and sustainability, thanks to the combination of engineered construction and solid oak lamella. They provide a visually striking and authentic appearance, with the flexibility of using either side of the panel. With our solid-engineered wood panels, our clients can achieve exceptional design results while enjoying the advantages of a reliable and long-lasting product.

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