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Wood Panels of the Highest Quality

As an esteemed wood panels manufacturer, our commitment to quality craftsmanship begins with the careful preparation of the wood for the manufacturing process. We understand that the foundation of a superior product lies in the selection and treatment of the raw material.

Wood Panels Of The Highest Quality

To ensure the highest quality wood panels, we start by sourcing premium oak logs known for their strength, durability, and distinctive grain patterns. These logs are carefully inspected, and any defects or imperfections are removed to guarantee the best possible outcome.

Meticulous Drying for Wood Panels Perfection

Once the logs have been selected, they undergo a meticulous process of drying and conditioning. This step is crucial as it minimizes the wood’s moisture content, preventing warping or shrinking after the panels are manufactured. Our state-of-the-art drying chambers from Belgium ensure a controlled environment, allowing the wood to reach the optimal moisture level for further processing.

After the wood has been properly dried, it moves on to the manufacturing stage. Our wood panels are meticulously manufactured by utilizing high-quality solid oak blocks that are finger-jointed together. The process begins with the careful selection of premium oak blocks, renowned for their strength and durability. These blocks are then precision-cut and shaped, creating interlocking finger joints that ensure a strong and seamless bond. The panels are then assembled by applying a strong adhesive between the finger joints, ensuring a secure and long-lasting connection. This technique not only maximizes the use of the oakwood but also enhances the structural integrity of the panels, resulting in a superior product that showcases the natural beauty and strength of oak.

Oiling is an Exclusive Option for a Natural Feel and Look in the Interior

Once the panels are ready, we offer a variety of oiling options to enhance their natural beauty and provide protection. Our oiling process involves applying a high-quality finishing oil that penetrates the wood fibers, enriching the color and highlighting the unique grain patterns. Customers can choose from an array of color options, ranging from lighter shades that emphasize the wood’s natural hue to darker tones that add depth and richness to the panels.

The final oiling stage is executed with precision and expertise, ensuring an even application and a smooth, lustrous finish. Whether our clients prefer a more traditional golden oak shade, a warm chestnut tone, or a contemporary dark walnut color, we can accommodate their preferences, tailoring the oiling process to meet their specific design vision.

As an oakwood panel manufacturer, we take pride in every step of the manufacturing process. From the careful selection and preparation of the raw material to the final oiling with a variety of color options, our goal is to produce exceptional panels that showcase the natural beauty of oakwood while meeting the unique preferences and requirements of our valued customers.

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