3305, Colorless Oil

Wooden flooring from oak covered with SAICOS oil (Germany). Two layers of natural drying hardwax oil applied.

3305                          Bespalvė alyva

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Construction Two-layer
Width 140, 180, 230
Surface Smooth (Sanded)
Distressed (aged)
Length 500-2400
Oak grading Select
Rustic Loft
Laying patterns Planks
Chevron 30°
Chevron 45°
Herringbone 90°

Oak grading



Top quality oak floorboards. They are characterized by low variations in colour, only single, small sound (live) knots are approved in the process of manufacturing. Such floorboards create an image of luxury, they are impressive both in natural oak colours as well as when they are covered with a multi-layer (natural oil) finis


Oak floorboards are characterized by a small, moderate knots, natural colour differences of wood.
The limited number of small and larger, healthy and filled knots emphasizes the naturalness of the oak wood. No core boards nor sapwood permitted. These oak floorboards are both expressive and reserved, so they go well with a variety of interior solutions.


Oak floorboards are characterized by minimal knots, slight colour differences in wood. These are special oak floorboards that are gaining more and more popularity among experts and style connoisseurs. Their characteristic sound sapwood gives uniqueness, exclusivity, diversifies the harmony of natural wood colours.


Oak floorboards are characterized by knots, more colour variations, natural micro-cracks. Such boards have a contrasted wood pattern with sound (live) knots and larger filled knots that are not limited, there may also be some core boards. The knots emphasizes the liveliness of the wood, and the variety of colours reveals the true beauty of the wood.

Rustic Loft

Oak floorboards are characterized by bigger number of various knots, natural micro-cracks, lush oak wood patterns. The number of sound knots is not limited, larger filled knots also provided. Core boards and sound sapwood provided. These floorboards are extremely expressive, provide a feeling of naturalness and nature even in emphatically industrial loft interiors. .

The following SAICOS oil fixed colours are offered for this type of planks: 3305, 3408, 3409, 3458, 3479, 3490.


Oak floorboards produced by ECOWOOD UAB are engineered products meaning that these are two-layer or three-layer glued planks. What makes these planks unique?
  • Oakwood is hard and resistant to external factors. It has great stability when exposed to changes in moisture and temperature.
  • When installed correctly, by glued-down method, planks perform better than solid wood flooring.
  • The planks are made using a premium-quality formaldehyde-free adhesive.
  • Thanks to the state-of-the-art symmetrical 2 x Oak construction, our three-layer floor planks are 15% more energy efficient.
  • Thousands of square meters of our oak floors installed in Lithuania and other European countries are a testimony to the high quality of our products.


3305, Colorless Oil -
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Installation and maintenance products

Oak skirting boards add a perfect finishing touch to your floor, making a seamless connection between the walls and the wooden floor.
– Top layer: natural oak plywood.
– Base: finger-jointed solid oakwood.

You can also choose MDF skirting boards (with a MDF base):
– Top layer: impregnated paper. Possibility to use any colour from the RAL palette.
– MDF base.

Skirting board SF-38 F

- Top layer: natural oak plywood.
- Base: finger-jointed solid oakwood.

Width 12 mm
Height 38 mm
Length 2500 mm
Skirting board SF-58 F

- Top layer: natural oak plywood.
- Base: finger-jointed solid oakwood.

Width 18 mm
Height 58 mm
Length 2500 mm
Skirting board SF-68 F

- Top layer: natural oak plywood.
- Base: finger-jointed solid oakwood.

Width 12 mm
Height 68 mm
Length 2500 mm
Skirting board SF-68 MDF

-Base: MDF.

Width 12 mm
Height 68 mm
Length 2200 mm
Skirting board SF-90 F

- Top layer: natural oak plywood.
- Base: finger-jointed solid oakwood.

Width 12 mm
Height 90 mm
Length 2500 mm
Skirting board SF-90 MDF

-Base: MDF.

Width 12 mm
Height 90 mm
Length 2400 mm
Skirting board SF-93 MDF

-Base: MDF.

Width 16 mm
Height 93 mm
Length 2400 mm
Skirting board SF-120 F

Top layer: natural oak plywood.

Base: finger-jointed solid oakwood.

Width 15 mm
Height 120 mm
Length 2500 mm
Skirting board KL-120F

Top: Natural Oak Veneer.

Base: Finger-jointed Oak.

Oil coated, painted RAL colours.

Width 20 mm
Height 120 mm
Length 2500 mm
Skirting board SF-126 MDF

-Base: MDF.

Width 16 mm
Height 126 mm
Length 2400 mm

We recommend using STAUF adhesives – choosing right parquet adhesive is one of the most important points while installing a wooden floor. The right adhesive will increase the service life and performance of your floor. You can appreciate all the benefits of your wooden floor only if you use specialist and reliable adhesive.
To achieve best results, it is very important that you choose adhesive based on the type of flooring you plan to install: whether it is a two-layer, a three-layer or a solid wood floor.

We do represent STAUF, a leading company in the German adhesives industry boasting over 175 years of experience in the production of adhesives. These adhesives are suitable for underfloor heating. The most common types of adhesives used in installing floors are polymer adhesives, polyurethane adhesives and solvent-based adhesives that do not contain any water. When using these adhesives, wooden flooring can be glued directly onto the concrete sub-floor.


Stauf WFR_T
Stauf VDP-130
Stauf SPU-460
Stauf special cleaning wipes for adhesive.
Stauf trowel #5
Stauf Notched Trowel No. 4
Stauf Notched Trowel No. 3
Stauf PUK 446
Stauf Multilayer

We recommend using SAICOS oils. In most European countries, finishing floors using oil is more usual than using lacquer as a finish. In Lithuania, lacquered finish is still a predominant trend, however, each year oiled floors are becoming increasingly popular.

Oiled flooring and its benefits
– Floor oil is usually chosen to keep the wood as natural-looking as possible: oiled floors look as though they are not coated at all. This is because oil is absorbed into the top layer of the wood once applied, whereas lacquer forms a coat on top of the surface of the wood which is more or less glossy.
– Easy repair of specific surface areas. In case of lacquered surfaces, it is difficult to repair a specific area of the floor because there will be a visible line between the old and the new lacquer finish, thus you have to sand the entire floor and re-apply lacquer all over the entire surface. In oiled flooring, there is no need to sand the entire floor. It is enough to sand the repair area and impregnate it with oil. The line between the old and the new oil finish will not be visible.
– Oil is made from natural plant materials – plant waxes and oils such as carnauba wax, candelilla wax, soybean oil, sunflower seed oil and thistle oil, and paraffin waxes. Oil does not contain biocides or preservatives. Oil is suited for all types of wooden flooring.
– Oil naturally protects the wood, allows it to breath and controls moisture.
– Oil is suited for treating all types of wooden surfaces including hardwood, multi-layer and plywood floors, cork flooring as well as intensively used surfaces, such as desks and table tops.
– Oil is a recommended method for finishing children’s toys.
– Ideal for the surfaces of the indoor areas with elevated moisture levels such as bathrooms and kitchens.
– Oiled floors are easy to clean, to maintain and to repair.


Saicos premium Colourless Oil

The multifunctional premium protection for all wooden surfaces.

Saicos Hardener

For faster drying and higher resilience.

Saicos Duo Top

The low-solvent wood coating for environmentally conscious users, wide range of colours.

People often struggle to decide between lacquered, oiled or wax parquet finishes. When selecting a parquet lacquer, it is very important to choose the one that is resistant to wear (scratching and scuffing) and elastic (remains crack-free even when the wood is deforming). Another important quality of lacquer which is increasingly taken into account by customers is how eco-friendly it is.

If the parquet is poorly sanded and improperly coated with lacquer, all the flaws and irregularities will become visible. This stage of installation requires the utmost skill and attention to detail. Our experience has shown that customers who purchase high-quality flooring but use poor quality or improper adhesive, are disappointed with the final results.

We offer high-quality, eco-friendly water-based parquet lacquers:

Saicos lacquer

Multi top basic lacquer.

Proper floor base preparation is one of the most important factors for a successful installation of a wooden floor or a parquet.

You can start floor base installation only after making sure the humidity levels of the room and the concrete slab are appropriate. The relative humidity of the indoor area should preferably be 40 to 60 percent and the indoor temperature should be 15 to 25° C.

Wooden floor can be installed on the following bases:
– A concrete base with a moisture content of no more than 3%.
– Subfloors, panels or plywood with a moisture content of no more than 12%.

If a wooden floor is installed in a room with moisture sources (a basement, a swimming pool, etc.), waterproofing is required in order to prevent moisture from entering the wood.

A concrete base must be level, firm and even. A parquet is glued to the concrete base using a special adhesive which does not contain any water (SMP-930, WFR-T).

When installing a wooden floor over underfloor heating, the underfloor heating should be switched off 24 hours before the start of the installation.

Saicos wax care

Sustainable and proactive care for permanently beautiful floors.

Saicos wash care

For streak-free cleaning of all types of floors.

Saicos Magic Cleaner

The solvent-free, used for intensive cleaning and treatment of wood surfaces.


Our experienced and reliable specialists will come to your home anywhere in Lithuania to take custom measurements and will professionally install the floor, the door or the staircase of your dreams. Precision and superior craftsmanship is their top priority. We also provide warranty for our products.

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