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Irma Pečiulienė

Modern Oak Doors – Growing Interior Design Trends

Oak Doors: Tradition and Modernity – Mission Possible!


Irma Pečiulienė

Head of Quality and Product

Traditional oak can be stunningly transformed, seamlessly combined with modern aesthetics. Contemporary interior door models feature structural designs, bold colour contrasts with oak flooring, asymmetry and unique textures that add character to spaces. Modern oak doors respond to demand and even shape growing design trends, such as high-ceilinged doors created with subtly integrated overhead doors, frameless doors that fit harmoniously into walls, or “invisible” doors for a distinctive minimalism.

Modern door models allow a wide range of styles to be created, from the newly revived Art Deco to the industrial authenticity of lofts, reflecting the dynamic evolution of design while retaining the enduring charm of traditional oak.

Oak Doors: Tradition and Modernity – Mission Possible!
Design: Greta Mockutė-Štrimaitė (gretamockus). Photo: Gintas Jurevičius. Doors: Modern Style. Color: E-5381, Deep Brown.

Modern Oak Doors Construction

All customers who had interactions with our oak doors feel the strength and stability of the doors. This is due to the meticulous and precise construction of the modern door models. Irma Pečiulienė, Quality Manager at Ecowood, our group company that manufactures oak doors, comments further.


“The quality and durability of our Modern doors is ensured by the fact that the door leaf of the Modern collection is made of two layers of solid oak panel, with a special door panel between them. A door is not just a door leaf. The door leaf is made of a panel of oak that is also glued. For the frames, we use laminated oak wood veneered with oak veneer. As each door is made to order, customers can choose the type of frame from a range of options, as well as the door hardware. Everything will be tailored to the customer’s needs and expectations. We are getting a lot of interest in modern doors, as they come with concealed hinges – a strong trend in minimalist design. On the quality side, I would like to point out that one of the hinges – the top hinge – is reinforced, HG grade. This means that the door will last a long time and will swing comfortably. The door can be manufactured for left or right-hand opening. This allows interior designers to customise the door in a very convenient way.

Minimalism is reflected in the choice of wood grading for the modern door collection. We use Premium or Select, i.e. the visual surface of the door is smooth, the texture of the wood is felt, but there are no, or hardly any, branch marks. The subtle look is a complement to minimalism. The oak wood is accentuated by the finish applied to these doors, which are available in brushed finish only and in a choice of colours from our collection.


The result is a high quality, symmetrical construction which guarantees that these doors will be resistant to fluctuations in ambient temperature and humidity, in other words, they will last a long time and last flawlessly. Depending on the model, e.g. Velvet doors, the top layer can be milled vertically and even horizontally. This is the ultimate in craftsmanship, a harmony between man and modern equipment.


In the Modern Collection, we can combine a horizontally constructed top panel to create a unique look with Original Grade wood. We can share the designers’ insight that a horizontally glued solid oak panel visually widens the door opening and creates a unique effect by dividing the wall plane horizontally. We get great feedback from our customers about this solution.

Oak Doors: Tradition and Modernity – Mission Possible!
Left: Doors: Modern H Original. Color: Q – 4505, Silver Dust. Right: Durys: Modern Premium. Color: NCS S 9000 – N.


We use European oak wood, which is really hard, resistant to all influences and ideal for our climate. We have improved the production of frameless door models. We are receiving more and more orders for interior doors that blend seamlessly into the wall, creating a subtle planar appearance. As we manufacture to individual dimensions, we have solved the problem for those people whose door opening is high and significantly above regular standards. A technically precise door top creates the appearance of a tall door, but this design maintains the stability of the door.”

Oak Doors: Tradition and Modernity – Mission Possible!
Doors with overhead: Modern Premium. Color: E-2410, Ivory.


The collection of Modern oak doors is truly impressive and extensive, catering to the diverse tastes and needs of interior designers, architects and customers. These doors are particularly special because they create a unique style and charm, especially when combined with oak flooring.



The top of this door is milled to exacting precision and can be grooved vertically or horizontally. What’s more, the layout and spacing of the grooves can be designed by the designer and implemented by us. This flexibility in manufacutring appeals to creative customers who want a unique interior impression. The doors shine in all their beauty in the play of light, because it is the milled surface that creates the change in colour and light.

Design: Kristė Budraitytė. Photo: Enrika Samulionytė. Doors: Velvet. Color: C– 3418, Cacoa.


Modern H Original, Modern H Original Silver Dust

One of the latest Modern door models, with a horizontally glued solid oak panel. Modern H Premium, Modern H Select or Modern H Original are available for different looks. Modern H Original is characterised by the naturalness of the wood, accentuating the traces of the branches. This creates a natural feeling in the home, a feeling of authenticity and the expressiveness of oak. We have no doubt that this model will be very popular, given the global trend towards naturalness. The visual creation of a wide door opening thanks to the horizontal view is another feature of this door model that is attracting growing interest from designers and customers. The original Silver Dust colour, specially chosen for this model, will allow contrasting details to be brought into the interior, such as the brightly coloured textile accessories that are so popular in the gloomy seasons.

For fans of natural wood colours, we have created Modern H Original with colourless oil 3200.

Doors: Modern H Original. Color: Colourless Oil.


Modern Signal White – RAL 9003 and Modern NCS S 9000 – N

Modern door model with different colour. This model allows you to decide which RAL or NCS colour palette to use, giving you unlimited possibilities for matching to walls, furniture or other interior details. The model is designed for people who appreciate the subtlety of the oak wood texture that can be felt under the colour coating. The transparency of a light colour or the intense richness of a dark one – people prefer to combine it with the flooring in a moderate harmony or active contrast. The right solution for a romantic mood-setting interior or a bold decision-making industrial loft.

Design: Marius Morozovas (Morodesign). Doors: Modern style. Color: RAL 9003, Signal White. Floors: Flooring boards. Color: 3477, Graphite Grey


Modern Premium E-2410 Ivory, Modern Premium Q-3408 Aqua White, Modern Premium with top E-2410 Ivory

A modern door model for true aesthetes. Premium oak describes the part of the wood where there are almost no branches, and the full beauty of the wood is revealed in its perfection, undisturbed by the imperfections created by nature over a hundred years. The subtle Ivory colour, especially when combined with the same aesthetically finished flooring, creates a feeling of lightness, as if lifting you off the ground and inviting you to dive into the cosiness of oak.

If the door opening is particularly high, we will adapt the overhead door – a very rational solution in non-standard and individual situations. What’s more, it’s a design solution that’s growing in popularity.  Oak doors with a maximum height of up to 2380 mm look impressive and unique.

Doors: Modern Premium. Color: E-2410, Ivory.


Olivari handles – the hallmark of our doors

The handles of the Italian company Olivari, which sets trends in the world, are another unique feature of modern doors and a subtle touch of luxury. Colours, shapes, functionality and comfort that cannot be experienced with other handles create a complete look for your door. The modern interior doors in our collection are models that meet global trends and the needs of the modern client, and are available upon the order.

Olivari handles exhibition at the “Medžio stiliaus” Vilnius showroom, Kareivių str. 12.


A wide range of door models for modern interiors will satisfy even the most whimsical customers. We’ve discussed one of the collections we have on display and continue to develop and add to – the Modern style door. We recommend you take a look at the Scandinavian collection, which is charming in its minimalism, subtlety and wide range of combinations. The white, pure finish seems to bring out the texture of the oak, and the light it emits will bring a sense of peace, joy and cosiness to any interior. For rational customers, we remind you that you can easily combine, complement or contrast Scandinavian-style doors and flooring, furniture and other interior elements to create a seamless look.

Doors: Scandinavian Style. Color: ED1F – RAL 9003.
Oak Doors: Tradition and Modernity – Mission Possible!


Irma Pečiulienė

Head of Quality and Product

With 13 showrooms and an extensive partner network that includes designers, architects, wood craftsmen, and real estate developers, when it comes to catering to custom requirements, staying at the forefront of modernity, and delivering a seamless Ecowood product experience, Irmas’ team is the go-to choice.

Her experience and deep knowledge of clients’ expectations are combined with her commitment to disclose the beauty of oak as well as the potential of the manufacturing capabilities.

It is always interesting to learn her insights on numerous technological aspects related to oakwood, manufacturing and limitless opportunities the timber can provide even the most demanding customers.

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