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Diamond Parquet Pattern Shines in the Stunning Project in Palanga, Lithuania

The story of the creation of the new Diamond parquet pattern, recognised by professionals, is a perfect example of the creative and technological potential of oak craftsmen coming together in time and in place, with the customer’s need for a new and unique flooring solution in an exclusive property.

Diamond Parquet Pattern Shines in the Stunning Project “Viešnagė” in Palanga, Lithuania
A project in Palanga, Lithuania by real estate developer Lumont. Architect: Gediminas Langvinis.

“Lumont”, the developer of real estate “Viešnagė” in Palanga, and architect Gediminas Langvinis were looking for a non-standard flooring solution. Surrounded by pine trees and seamlessly integrated into the nature of the seaside, the object must reflect naturalness, subtlety and uniqueness in all its materials and details. Oak is the perfect wood for this purpose in terms of its quality and durability, and our maturity as a manufacturer and our ability to produce a unique pattern for this exceptional object is highly appreciated.

The Creation of “Diamond”

Creating a parquet pattern requires a wide range of knowledge, competences, skills and technological levels in manufacturing. Our experience in producing herringbone parquet with precision and high quality was the starting point. Mathematics, geometry and creativity followed: we sought to achieve a shape that visually creates a 3-D effect, the texture of the wood brings dynamism and play by reflecting light at different angles, and the floor thus laid becomes the centre of attention, to which other details, from furniture to the smallest decor elements and accessories, are ingeniously combined.

Diamond Parquet Pattern Shines in the Stunning Project in Palanga, Lithuania

Precision in manufacturing is reached by using the experience of craftsmen, a high level of professionalism and, perhaps most importantly, robotic machines that achieve the highest possible accuracy. The beauty of the pattern depends on the angle, width and length of the flooring boards fitting smoothly. A deviation of even a fraction of a millimetre is not tolerated. Only a “Diamond” parquet made in this way will reveal its full charm.

The trust shown by the developer and the architect throughout the design and production process has been a source of inspiration and a strong motivation for us to pursue a non-standard solution.

Diamond Parquet – Combination of Aesthetics and Practice

The developers emphasise that they looked for “literally the best materials in the world”. The elements of the building were individually manufactured, so it was no coincidence that the parquet was commissioned and designed according to the same principles. The authors of this exclusive project believe that over time, the appearance of the property will change more and more: the buildings will be absorbed into their surroundings, sinking into the greenery that will grow up. The same naturalness, the dominance of nature, will only increase over time. The expressive oak parquet is durable, robust, and will age like a fine wine, inevitably increasing in value over the years.

Diamond Parquet Pattern Shines in the Stunning Project in Palanga, Lithuania

The building has underfloor heating, for which this parquet, like all our floorboards, is perfectly suited. The recurring Diamond pattern shines through in the living rooms, in the transitions between spaces. Parquet is also boldly laid in bathrooms, as parquet is an engineered product that eliminates the shrinking or any other movement of the wood in any room, and the oiled and naturally dried wood surface is adapted to a humid environment.

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