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Tests at “EPH-Dresden” Confirm the High Quality of a 2-layer Oak Flooring Construction on “Ecoboard”

15 years ago we developed one of our most successful innovations — an oak floorboard construction on an eco-friendly “Ecoboard” base. This product immediately became a hit because it offered an irresistible quality-price ratio. 

More than 1.5 million m² of laid floors show that the product is recognized both by the customers and our partners — real estate developers, architects and designers. However, we still regularly check whether the construction continues to achieve the highest quality standards — whether all the parameters that measure the floor’s strength and durability go above the regular requirements. 

The most recent floorboard tests were carried out in one of the most respected European wood products laboratories “EPH-Dresden”. They have shown that the 2-layer oak and “Ecoboard” construction is still a premium quality product. Thus, we continue to offer it to our clients with firm confidence.

EPH Dresden Flooring Quality Label

Test Results Confirm: the Construction is Highly Resistant to Moisture or Temperature Fluctuations

The impressive peel test refutes even the slightest doubts about the strength and durability of the 2-layer oak and “Ecoboard” flooring.

  • The floorboard had been kept in water at a temperature of 20 °C for six hours.
  • Then it was stored for 24 hours and 48 hours in a climate chamber with an air temperature of 23 °C and relative air humidity of 50%.
  • After that, it dried at 60 °C temperature for 8 hours.
  • And finally — the construction dried at 80 °C temperature for 16 hours.

After the tests, there were no signs of delamination: neither between the “Ecoboard” and the oak layer (interlayer) nor in other parts of the floorboard structure. The construction remained unchanged, although the tests were extreme. This achievement was awarded a quality certificate. 

Since such extreme conditions do not occur in real life, we confidently state that this 2-layer flooring will last a lifetime an our clients’ homes.

Eco-friendly, Sustainably Produced Floorboards are Perfect for Underfloor Heating

Our engineered oak product on “Ecoboard” is perfect for underfloor heating. Its moisture resistance allows you to confidently lay wooden floors in the kitchen area, bathroom and other rooms where people used to choose the tiles out of inertia. 

Thermal resistance tests of oak and “Ecoboard” flooring have provided the results of 0.11 W/m*K. Thus, such a floor created an unparalleled sense of comfort when installed on underfloor heating.

We keep reminding our customers to always ask what materials are used to make the floorboard. At Ecowood, we use formaldehyde-free polyurethane glue in the production of the top layer of oak, when making the attachments to the base layer. A similar safe glue is used in the production of the “Ecoboard” base itself. 

The emission of formaldehyde was also studied in a German laboratory. The result: 2-layer oak and “Ecoboard” construction meet the highest European E1 class. Formaldehyde emission was below the limit of detection (Limit Of Detection). 

Why is it important to know what glue was used when making the floorboard construction? If the manufacturer uses harmful glue, it can evaporate while heating and create health risks.

2 layer Oak flooring construction on an Ecoboard base

2-layer Oak Floorboard on “Ecoboard” is a Perfect Solution for Sustainably-minded People

How to recognize whether a product is produced responsibly, and sustainably while maintaining respect for nature and the extremely precious, slowly renewable natural resource — oak? The FSC™ (Forest Stewardship Council™) certificate confirms that the materials for the products come from sustainably managed forests. 

The wood we use comes from our Dubava (Ukraine) plant, which we control directly, and from our trusted partners in France, Belgium, and Poland. “Ecoboard” is also made from wood that has PEFC™ (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) and FSC™ (Forest Stewardship Council™) (FSC® C104607) chain of custody certificates.

Thus, when buying our product, be sure: you will walk on solid, long-lasting floors that create cosiness at home and in the office. Good heat permeability, eco-friendly and safe materials, high resistance to moisture and temperature fluctuations, and, finally, a favourable quality-price ratio make such a product a great investment to your home.

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