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Manufacturing Oak Stairs: A Close Partnership Helps to Achieve the Desired Results

The demand for manufacturing oak stairs based on the customers’ needs is growing. European customers appreciate a meaningful investment in the quality of their homes. At the same time, we observe that the clients have developed a complex approach to creating the entire interior: a harmonious combination of flooring, interior doors, and other interior elements, such as stairs, is valued. Natural wood, especially oak, creates a cosy home design. With 20+ years of experience working exclusively with oak wood, we have developed expertise in producing high-quality oak flooring, doors, stairs, and other interior products. Oak staircases are one of the most complex products we make since they must be tailored precisely to a particular interior design, the plan of the house, the dimensions, and the preferred style.

Manufacturing oak stairs for modern interiors
A project in Lithuania (Medžio stilius). Interior: Greta Mockutė-Štrimaitė. Photos: Antanas Štrimaitis. Stairs, flooring: Ecowood. Colour: 3481 Walnut.

The First Stages of Planning Oak Staircase at Home

It starts with analysing the needs of the client. The staircase designers’ office provides the manufacturers with technical drawings. Success is guaranteed if the customer comes to us as soon as they have started designing the house. Our experts can advise you on the vision of the staircase you can expect and what you need to achieve the desired staircase in the design of the house, satisfying your needs in terms of construction, style, and finishes.

Wooden staircases are designed and manufactured when only the opening for the stairs is left. Within the existing space, we create the shape of the staircase, the layout of the cladding, the handrails, and their fixings. There must be enough space for the stairs because only then can we design and manufacture the staircase with precision, according to all the criteria of safety, comfort, and other measures, and anticipate and assess minor details so that your staircase is comfortable and fits in with the overall style of the interior.

wooden staircase
Wooden staircase

After measuring and assessing the existing structures, we design stair cladding on metal and concrete. The most suitable handrails are selected and adapted to suit the structure or the designed cladding. Creating compliant steps and handrails on an inadequately installed metal or concrete structure is a real challenge.

stair cladding on metal and concrete
Stair cladding on metal and concrete

The most common mistake is to vary the height of the concrete steps, as the people doing the work need to assess the thickness of the flooring formwork and the future step. It will be unsafe if you climb steps of different heights. The width of the step is also essential. It is often assumed that the step will widen with the installation of the timber part — the changing nose of the step will contribute – but only partially and only when climbing up the stairs. Concrete and metal structures limit the cladding width; our specialists can only align the widths to a certain extent. Still, it is not possible to make the cladding wider in principle.

Stair cladding on concrete
Stair cladding on concrete

The “hanging” staircase offers a spectacular view. The supports are anchored in the wall, and we design and build step “boxes” on top of them, creating the appearance of a staircase suspended in the air. A dedicated opening and space are essential for these stairs to make an impression and meet the necessary safety requirements.

A Wide Range of Options

A wide range of colours allows customers to choose between oak flooring, interior doors, skirting boards, or, conversely, stair cladding to create a contrast with other interior elements.

The stair claddings are made of 100% solid oak. The solid engineered construction ensures stability and strength. The type of cladding and balusters depends on the type of construction and the customer’s expectations. Each detail creates a distinctive style, so discussing and evaluating functional needs and style needs is essential when choosing the type of counter-steps. The colour shall be selected according to the overall tone of the interior. Our colour palette is broad and perfectly matches stairs, floors, and skirting boards — one manufacturer — style harmony in your home.

We offer glass, wood, painted metal, or stainless steel for handrails. We can implement the most complex customer vision. Customers looking for space are happy to choose a glass baluster, where the fasteners can be a subtle decoration. Fans of natural oak always say that you can never have too much of it, so they opt for oak balusters, and it’s up to us to come up with creative solutions from our collection of shapes. Colour adds variety: the balusters are available in any RAL/NCS colour.

I-shaped Stairs

I form wooden stairs

U-shaped Stairs

C-shaped Stairs

L-shaped Stairs

Oak Staircase Manufacturing is a Test of Craftsmanship

Once the details have been agreed, the design team sits down to work on the technical design of the staircase, which is then handed over to production. Precision is essential here! The specialists go to the construction site and begin detailed measurements to do this. Every millimetre counts. The technical drawings go to us, to the factory, and more specifically, to our modern CNC robotic machining centre. A robot then analyses the centimetres and millimetres, and modern machine tools precisely cut the most complex shapes. Again, we focus on accuracy. A staircase is a complex structure made up of many parts. They must come together seamlessly, ensuring strength, stability, and aesthetic appeal. The staircase production team comprises experienced, veteran craftsmen who know the subtleties of wood and the production process and operate sophisticated modern robotic machines.

Standing out with state-of-the-art manufacturing

Oak stair cladding and handrail elements are made from carefully prepared wood. We control the entire cycle of timber sourcing, preparation, and product manufacturing so that we can guarantee high quality.

Installation — an Essential Step in Stair Design

Once the factory finishes the staircase, it arrives at the client’s home, and a team of experienced, professional craftsmen starts their work. Their tablets contain precise drawings of the stairs, and there will be no problems, as the installation is carried out in close cooperation with the design and production colleagues — an advantage when you buy from the manufacturer! Customers comment that many people can install a staircase. Still, only our craftsmen can do it accurately, with such high quality, and, most importantly, with such a high working culture. Rest assured that the stairs installed early in the home will remain secure until you move in, and our staff will take care of that too.

We are deservedly known as oak craftsmen because of our loyalty to this precious wood and the experience we have accumulated over 20+ years of work. We have manufactured and laid thousands of sq/m of oak floors, installed thousands of doors, and built staircases that can almost reach the moon. Every journey with a new client is unique, enriched with knowledge, emotion, another successful result, and a satisfied client.

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