Diamond Parquet Flooring — Exclusive Pattern Developed in Collaboration With Architects

Architect Gediminas Langvinis
Completed project

The first project to feature our spectacular Diamond parquet flooring was the residential complex “Viešnagė” in Palanga, a seaside town in Lithuania. The parquet pattern was produced in collaboration with the real estate developer, “Lumont”, and the building’s architect, Gediminas Langvinis.

The “Viešnagė” project required a harmonious relationship with the nature of the Baltic seaside. Therefore, every detail of the exterior and interior had to be carefully considered. The developers used the highest quality materials, adapted every building element to a modern design, and sought subtle, durable, and non-standard solutions for a building surrounded by pine forests.

The Diamond parquet was the perfect match for their vision. This exquisite flooring pattern, coated with natural oil, creates a real visual spectacle for the eye, where shadows, lines and shapes interplay.

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