Nature-Infused Interior From Lithuania, Enhanced by Chevron Flooring

Architect October Design Studio & Evelina Tumas
Photograph Benas Šileika
Completed project

This nature-infused interior, created by October Design Studio and Evelina Tumas, implemented by the Apdailos Kodas team, comes from Lithuania (partner: Medžio Stilius). It boasts a harmonious blend of colours, thoughtful selections, and a spacious layout designed to showcase chosen interior elements. The inviting ambience of warmth and comfort is further intensified by the rich, expressive Walnut (3481) tones of the Chevron flooring.

The Chevron pattern chosen for the flooring not only visually enlarges the space but also injects a touch of dynamics. Finally, a nature-inspired focal point emerges through the indoor plants that infuse some vibrancy into the living environment.

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