Impressive Interior from Britain: Hardwood Flooring in the Bathroom, Various Floor Patterns, and Oak Stairs

Architect Katie Malik
Photograph Maciek Platek
Completed project

We’re excited to showcase an inspiring interior from the United Kingdom, shortlisted for The International Design & Architecture Awards in 2022 and shared with us by our partner in the UK, Ecohardwood. This interior was brought to life by an inspiring designer Katie Malik. The space beautifully combines different hardwood flooring colours, various patterns on the floorboards, and the elegance of wooden stairs. The designer fearlessly introduced oak into the bathroom, challenging the notion that only tiles belong there.

Katie’s main choice of hardwood flooring colour was E-2410, Ivory. However, a different shade, 3458, was selected for the bathroom. A herringbone pattern parquet (3481, Walnut) was laid in the reading area.

It’s not just Katie Malik who dares to experiment. Many British designers, like her, play with contrasts when designing homes. They mix similar materials with different patterns or sometimes repeat patterns while exploring various materials. The goal is to create comfortable, delightful, and simple spaces — a blend of old and new, different styles, both calming and eye-catching colours.

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