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We have been making oak flooring, doors, stairs and helping people create cozy homes for nearly twenty years, bringing a bit of nature into their personal homes and work environments. Why is oak important to us?

First and foremost, we know and understand the value oak brings to our clients in terms of lifestyle and quality. Long-lasting products, natural wood-breathing wood creates an ambience where you want to be.

Secondly, we have mastered the art of transforming natural oakwood into high quality products: flooring, doors, stairs. Oiled surface exposes natural view of wood, variety of colors create styles and amazing interiors with a subtle sense of luxury. Oak stairs is the axis of the house that connects the floors, and when climbing we feel the solidity of the tree, the most intricate staircase shapes and structures show our ability to create and not limit the imagination of architects and designers.

We treat oak with care – after all, it takes as long as 140 years to get the tree to use. Only mature wood is suitable for production, and it requires knowledgeable and dedicated craftsmen. We keep a close eye on the whole process: from the preparation of the wood, to the drying, to the shaping of a new form.

We know that our customers appreciate our efforts, product quality and responsible approach to oak.

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