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Oak Wood Creates a Unique Interior for Your Home

Oak wood is a popular choice for interior design because of its natural beauty and versatile properties. It is an expensive and highly valuable wood for its technical properties and unique beauty. Each oak board is unique because nature creates patterns over 120 years that even the most sophisticated equipment cannot reproduce.

We’re launching a series of articles that will showcase the unique qualities of oak wood. We will share our expert knowledge on the beauty of oak floorboards and how to use them to create stylish interiors filled with naturalness.

Oak wood

The Special Qualities of Oak Wood – The Variety of Patterns and Durability

Oak wood is valued for its natural beauty and its distinctive textural pattern. The wood has a warm, earthy tone that can vary from light to dark shades. The natural colour variations in oak wood are due to specific soil or climatic influences, making each board unique. In unfinished wood, colour differences may be less visible and become more apparent when the product is coated with oil or varnish. The distinctive textural patterns thus create a visually appealing and textured look that can add depth and character to any interior space.

The oak wood we use comes from sustainably ‘managed forests and our oak log processing sawmill located in Dubava, Ukraine.

Strength is an Essential Characteristic of Oakwood

Oak is a strong and durable wood that can withstand wear and tear over time. It is resistant to moisture, rotting and insect damage, making it an excellent choice even for high-traffic areas and rooms with high humidity, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

oak parquet
Oak parquet in the kitchen

Oak wood can be used in various interior design styles, from Scandinavian to urban, from classical to Provance. The wood can be painted to match the room’s colour scheme or left natural for a more organic look. We coat the floorboards with eco-friendly oil, adding colour and not obscuring the natural wood grain.

Wooden flooring in the interior

Oak is a Precious, Renewable Gift from Nature to People

Oak wood is a renewable resource that can be sustainably harvested and replanted. If responsibly sourced, oak wood is an environmentally friendly choice for interior design. We only use wood from mature trees, so we responsibly wait for the younger trees to “catch up” with the mature ones, thus creating a continuous cycle. Planting young oak trees is another meaningful annual tradition for the team. We believe that the young oak trees will grow, strengthen, and be enjoyed by those who will come after us and show the same responsibility to nature.

Oak flooring, doors, stairs, and other interior solutions can increase the value of a property thanks to their durability and timeless aesthetics. It can be a long-term investment lasting for decades, making it valuable for homeowners and property developers.

Natural oak flooring

Oakwood Styles and Patterns

Oak wood can be sawn in two main ways: tangential and radial. These cutting styles have different characteristics and can affect the style and appearance of the oak board.

Tangential cutting is defined as cutting away from the heartwood (centre) of the tree and coinciding with the tangent of a bark. It creates varied bark pattern that adds visual interest and character. Tangent-sawn oak wood captures clients’ interest because of the variety of textures. It has a natural look and fits perfectly into various interior styles. When choosing floorboards, we recommend you explore our Original, Rustic, and Rustic Loft grades.

Tangential cutting
Tangential cutting

Radial sawing is when the oak wood is cut perpendicular to the growth bark of the tree. Radial-sawn oak is valued for its relatively straight structure, moderate texture, and tower-like shape in the centre of the board. We use this wood for our Premium and Select grade floorboards. Radial-sawn oak wood has an elegant look that fits well in both classic and modern interiors.

Radial sawing
Radial sawing

Oak Medullary Rays Are a Unique Property That Creates Unparalleled Beauty

Medullary rays or heartwood rays, or the ‘mirror’ effect, are found only in oak wood. This unique characteristic of oak wood gives it its beauty and value. The medullary rays are thin, band-like structures that run perpendicular to the tree’s growth rings. They are usually visible on the radial surface of the wood and can create a distinctive ‘mirror’ effect on the surface of the oak board. These rays reflect light differently from the surrounding wood, creating a contrasting and visually striking effect. It is often called the “mirror” or “cat’s eye” effect. The medullary rays are a distinctive characteristic of oak wood and are used to create unique interiors.

The “mirror” effect created by the medullary rays gives oak wood its natural beauty and value. This effect can result in a visually interesting and unique surface pattern that can add depth and character to flooring, wall panels and other interior design elements. The “mirror” effect can also enhance the overall appearance of the oak board, making it look brighter and more vibrant. It is no coincidence that mirror-effect oak boards have also been used in royal palaces, e.g. Edinburgh Castle.

Oak Medullary Rays in Edinburgh Castle
Oak medullary rays in the Edinburgh Castle

The story of the uniqueness of oak wood continues. The unique pattern of each board is also created by the play of colour manifested by the heart boards. We will demonstrate how you can identify and notice the traces of lightning in the flooring boards and discover the locations of the branches of a tree. The oak is an inexhaustible source of stories and discoveries. To be continued in the next article, stay tuned!

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