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Oak Decorative Walls – Even More Nature at Home

Natural is the key word to describe the current growing trend in interior design worldwide. Tired of the synthetic materials that once fascinated them, people are turning to natural materials and products in all areas of life. From clothes and food to home, we seek the natural touch, authenticity, and unique feeling that nature’s creativity brings.

Oak Decorative Walls - Even More Nature at Home
Design by Empro. Decorative wall colour: 3479, Antique.

Introducing Oak Decorative Walls

Our partners appreciate the opportunity to buy essential interior products such as oak floors, doors and stairs from one source – Ecowood. High-quality, customised products, a wide choice of colours and finishes, and the ability to combine the colours and shapes of individual parts make it easier to create stylish interiors. We are pleased to offer another attractive solution for those who want even more of nature at home – oak decorative walls.

As with all our products, we adapt decorative walls to individual solutions and the clients can choose from a range of products divided into three  groups.

Solid Oak Deco Walls

The solid oak walls we offer consist of three different widths and heights of solid planks that can be oiled or painted. We use eco-friendly SAICOS oil, which dries in natural conditions once applied to the oak planks without accelerating the process. Such a drying process allows the board to adapt to the climate of the future home environment. The different widths can be arranged creatively to create unique wall patterns that complement the beauty and expressiveness of the wood. The boards are assembled using the LEGO principle until the room’s wall is completely covered.

Oak Decorative Walls - Even More Nature at Home

Decorative Wall Made of Oak Veneer Panels

The distinctive feature of this product is its height of up to 3000 mm. This means that it is possible to add solid points without additional cutting to create a seamless wall appearance. Oak veneer panels can be oiled with SAICOS eco-friendly oil or painted. The product is easy to install and seamlessly integrates into existing or new spaces. For even easier installation, a black-painted MDF panel can be used to add the decorative veneer planks. The designers recommend different mounting combinations: the products can be mounted without gaps, leaving 1:0.5 or 1:1 gaps.

In addition to its aesthetic benefits, an oak wall adds extra functionality to the interior. It protects the walls from wear and tear while at the same time it ensures durability and longevity. In addition, oak walls absorb and disperse sound waves creating a calmer, acoustically balanced environment. Because of this additional functionality, oak veneer wall panels are the choice of customers who want to enhance their interior design while improving their space’s overall functionality and comfort.

Oak Veneer Panels
Interior: Dizaino virtuve. Colour: P-4215, Solid black.

Decorative Partition Walls

The oak partitions can be used to create visually exciting and practical solutions: to separate a part of a space as if to make a separate room, to be used as a decoration, to keep paintings and houseplants, etc.  There is no limit to the imagination!

Our engineered oak partition walls ensure structural stability and durability. The partitions are durable and resistant to deformation or shrinkage. They can be designed with integrated storage options such as shelves or cupboards. For offices or commercial areas, this practicality is even more relevant.

Oak Decorative Walls - Even More Nature at Home

Decorative Walls Complement Any Interior Style

A warm, cosy atmosphere, natural materials, and nostalgia characterise traditional, classic styles. In this style, oak decorative walls are vital in creating an authentic and attractive space. The rich, earthy tones of oak wood perfectly complement the classic theme, bringing a touch of nature into the room.

Clean lines, minimalism and an elegant aesthetic characterise the modern or contemporary style. Although oak decorative walls may seem more traditional initially, they can be cleverly incorporated into modern interiors to add warmth and texture. The natural beauty of oak wood contrasts the current design’s clean and simple lines. Oak walls can be combined with neutral colour palettes or contrasting elements such as glass, metal or concrete to create visually appealing spaces. The versatility of oak wood allows it to be displayed in various forms, including horizontal or vertical boards or even as a backdrop for artwork or shelving. Oak decorative walls add organic charm and sophistication to contemporary interiors.

Oak Decorative Walls - Even More Nature at Home
Colour: 3479, Antique.

Art Deco

The Art Deco style, known for its charming and luxurious aesthetic, is perfect for adding decorative walls. In Art Deco interiors, oak deco walls add a sense of luxury and sophistication. The rich and lustrous tones of oak wood beautifully complement the bold geometric patterns and luxurious materials often found in Art Deco design. Oak decorative walls are a transformative element, instantly elevating an interior and creating a sense of grandeur. Thanks to the impeccable craftsmanship of our Ecowood manufacturers, oak decorative walls become a distinctive element that captures the essence of an era and contributes to the personalised look of a space.

In Art Deco interiors, decorative walls can be tastefully combined with oak doors to create a harmonious and coherent design. The natural beauty and durability of oak doors complement decorative walls, further enhancing the Art Deco aesthetic. The warm and luxurious tones of the oak wood provide a seamless transition between the walls and the doors, creating a sophisticated look.


Oak Decorative Walls - Even More Nature at Home
Design by Empro. Colour of the decorative wall: 3490, Ebony.

The oak decorative walls are timeless and versatile design elements. They add warmth, character and craftsmanship to any space. Whether used in an industrial-style loft or a chic city apartment, oak decorative walls uniquely blend seamlessly with different styles, making them a desirable choice for those seeking a balance between nature and modern design.

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