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Flemish Doors: The Design Born in the Heart of Europe Captivated Customers’ Attention

Inspired by the famous Belgian design, the Flemish door model has quickly captivated the attention of European buyers. This is why we decided to dedicate a whole blog post to it. Read further and learn about the features that make Flemish doors stand out.

Rustic Aesthetics That Accentuate Natural Materials

Ecowood produces four styles of doors — moderate Classic, minimalist Scandinavian, Modern and Flemish. Noticeably, the Flemish door model is becoming increasingly trendy nowadays.

Flemish door design is probably the most successful at accentuating natural wood patterns compared to other door types. This model is handy if you want to highlight the material used for the door — engineered or finger-jointed solid oak. The look can be enhanced further by choosing Nature or Original grading, characterized by moderate knots and slight colour differences.

Flemish style wooden plank door
Colour: Tobacco, Grade: Original. Photo by Norbert Tukaj.

Flemish door leaf is relatively simple — planks “laid” next to each other do all the job needed. Since the main accent of the Flemish door leaf is precisely the planks, no more added elements are required. Decorative lines, machine-cut details or fancy door handles only divert attention from the design created by nature. The planks also introduce a second dimension to the pattern — the natural lines between the joints of the boards. These “stripes” dynamics are intensified using different width planks to match custom measurements.

Project from Lithuania (Medzio stilius). Doors model: Flemish

A Subtle Hint of Respect For the Past in a Modern Interior 

Some customers notice that Flemish door design motives remind them of something in the past. Wandering around narrow streets in an old European town or nostalgic memories of the summer spent in the countryside. Indeed, the design of Flemish doors is not entirely new. It’s a modernized version of the design that has been cherished for hundreds of years.

Flemish doors returned to contemporary interiors with a growing interest in Rustic, Modern Countryhouse, and Artisan aesthetics. We may also say that Craft, Zero Waste, Slow Life, and Do It Yourself movements made them come back.

However, today’s Flemish door style is much more modern, made with precision and visually perspicuous compared to its’ ancestors.

Flemish door style is not just for vintage fans. On the contrary. The model fits in perfectly in the modern interiors since the allusion to nostalgic memories is very delicate.

oak wood interior doors
Project from Lithuania (Medzio stilius). Doors model: Flemish

The Best Solution: Made-to-Order Doors

The Flemish solid oak door attracts attention with simplicity, which allows the natural beauty of wood to unfold. But at the same time, it’s a non-mainstream purchase making the model to be valued by people who are looking for uniqueness. Its manufacturing requires precision.

Suppose you decide to install a Flemish-style door in your or your client’s home. In that case, we recommend evaluating the quality and paying attention to warranties offered by the door manufacturers and installers. The best option is when the door is designed specifically for your space, according to individual order.

All doors at Ecowood are manufactured to custom measurements. Since we also produce floors and stairs, it is easier for interior designers to fully match different interior solutions. Finally, our oak products are coated with natural German SAICOS oil, which does not distract from the naturalness of oak wood.

We offer short order fulfilment times. Contact us, and let’s discuss your needs together.

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