Interior Doors Trends That Will Stay in Fashion in 2023 and Beyond


Natural wooden doors are among the most popular interior doors with oak leading the top. Wood is durable and easy to renew, this means it will last for many years. The texture of wood shows up extremely well in different lighting and adds a decorative touch to the interior. Decorative, functional and emotional motives drive towards the choice of natural wood doors and especially oak doors.

Interior doors design trends constantly evolve, however, people don’t change this interior element every few years, so they need options that are both contemporary-looking and timelessly stylish.

Interior designers observe and confirm that the choice of interior doors is defined primarily not by the model alone but more by the whole concept of interior design. It means clients are considering door models in coherent combination with other elements, like flooring, wall color, and overall mood and atmosphere they are trying to create in a given space.

By reading this post, you’ll learn about the most demanded interior doors that are trending now and will stay in fashion for years to come. And certainly, about a variety of spectacular results you can create through the mindful and selective combination of interior doors and other parts of the design.

The Trending Interior Door Models

From classic solid oak doors to modern engineered doors constructions, such as milled doors or plank doors, plenty of options are available to suit any home style. Let’s review the wooden door models that will be sought-after in 2023 and beyond.

Scandinavian Doors – Functionalism Paired with Elegance

Scandinavian style doors are still among the most favored wooden door models as they help to create minimalistic and functional interiors. It is a mystery for many regarding the Scandinavian style popularity for years. “Less is more” remains relevant up-to-date and will gain importance as people are moving towards responsible choices in all areas of life: from food to fashion to interior design.

Smooth light or even white surfaces of walls, doors, furniture open the space for people to fill it in with emotions, ideas, relationship without disturbance by attention-demanding interior elements.

At Ecowood,  Scandinavian door designs are inspired by Nordic simplicity and characterized by their versatility and subtle elegance. They blend seamlessly with any interior design style.

You can choose Scandinavian doors with or without glass in any color option from RAL and NCS palettes. Want a more luxurious effect? Pair the doors with premium accessories, such as Olivari door handles.

Scandinavian style doors in the interior, colour: RAL 9003.

Looking for Something Unique: Milled Velvet Doors

Modern style wooden doors are currently making a statement in interior design. The latest trend is what we call the Velvet doors – milled according to individual clients’ requirements.

The surface of the door is precision milled with grooves that create an undulating surface, which in turn plays with light in an interesting and different way. Modern Velvet doors are a favorite choice for those who create interiors in a contemporary style, where strict lines, logical and functional spaces are enlivened by interior doors with a special décor.

The Velvet door trend is growing in popularity, and it’s easy to see why. Such doors add a touch of luxury to any home as they are subtle and eye-catching at the same time. Velvet doors can be customized to different design specifications, so they will surely make a statement in any home.


Velvet doors. Shade: C-3418 Cacao.
Ecowood offers a variety of modern style doors. Doors & floors: Ecowood. Colour: 3305, Colourless. Photo: Patrycja Kaszewska.

Timeless Classics Never Go Out of Fashion

Classical solid oak doors have been a staple of traditional homes for centuries and are still highly sought after today. These door models are known for their durability, strength, and natural beauty. Natural oak designed by nature – with playful vibe of colors, patterns – makes oiled doors in classic style so popular and adorable. The beauty of naturalness is revealed in combination with oiled flooring which again can be mastered in numerous patterns. Combining solid oak classic doors, flooring and skirting boards in the same color the final result strikes with unity, harmony and an aesthetic environment.

At Ecowood, classical door models are available in various finishes and styles, making them an excellent choice for any home design.

Floors & doors: Ecowood. Door model: D1F, classical style. Colour: 3481, Walnut. Interior: Dovilės interjerai. Photographer: Benas Šileika.

Modern Plank Doors – Perfect Combination of Old and New

Plank door models are trending among those who appreciate one-of-a-kind products and artisan style.

Previously, plank doors used to be made of individual planks that were cut and shaped to fit together to produce a durable and attractively-looking result. However, the traditional plank doors in modern homes often look too heavy, too rustic, and incompatible with other contemporary interior design elements.

Combining the old design with new technologies and innovative manufacturing has allowed us to upgrade the plank doors style and create something extraordinary, light, and clean-looking. Ecowood’s Flemish doors are inspired by plank doors design but suited for modern interiors. It’s a chic door construction that is both structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing.

Each door is like a work of art, with carefully selected solid oak boards. These doors are made with special attention to the harmony of the natural wood grain. Plank doors are made with exceptional boards that show bark, natural cracks (e.g. like after lightning), whole or star branches.

At Ecowood production volumes make it possible to create such doors, as thousands of oak planks with the most varied patterns pass through the hands of craftsmen every day, and the most beautiful combinations are possible.

Different widths of boards are also combined to create the most beautiful combinations. Customers can choose between a single width board layout or a combination of different widths.

Flemish doors in “Medzio stilius” showroom, Lithuania. Photo: Norbert Tukaj.

Making the Door Look Fancier by Adding High-End Accessories

There is also an option for economic buyers that want the best quality and unique products but can’t afford the most elaborate, one-of-a-kind interior doors. In recent years, we’ve noticed a trend toward making wooden doors look more luxurious and stylish using high-end accessories.

A widespread practice is to use premium door handles. Take the Olivari production as an example: these door handles feature a sleek, modern design that can instantly elevate the overall look. Pair them with the Scandinavian style white door model, and you will still end up with a stunning, sophisticated look that will impress visitors.

Various ways to style interior doors are available since we make the doors based on individual clients’ orders.

Pairing Doors with Other Wooden Interior Elements

The door does not stand alone in the room – it’s part of an overall design. Thus, the clients want to ensure that their chosen door will blend in with other interior elements.

When pairing wooden doors with other components in a home, windowsills and skirting boards are among the most common choices. Oiled flooring of the same color will complete the “feel & look” of the interior, a place everyone will be eager to return to.

Ecowood is a company that produces various oak products, including flooring, doors, stairs, skirtings, oak panels, and windowsills. Want to offer matching products for your clients? Our comprehensive product assortment, state-of-the-art manufacturing, and made-to-order production process can ensure a cohesive look throughout a home.

In conclusion, wooden doors are a popular and timeless choice for any home. Whether you prefer a classic solid oak design, a minimalistic Scandinavian style, an ultra-modern approach, or natural planks, at Ecowood, plenty of options are available to suit any taste. And when pairing wooden doors with other elements in your home, Ecowood has also got you covered.

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