The Naturalness of Oak Products – The Greatest Value for a Cosy Home

Experts say that no two leaves in the most abundant foliage of the most luxuriant oak tree are perfectly alike. This amazing feature of living nature surpasses the wildest human imagination.

On the other hand, the more variety in the grain of the wood on the board, the more distinct the differences and the more naturalness we bring to our home interiors. It is no coincidence that engineered flooring manufacturers imitate the wood grain and develops technologies that aim to replicate, imitate and copy what nature creates. You can choose imitation; you can choose the real thing.

Choosing or combining different oak products can create a mood, a unique interior, and the desired accents of naturalness in your home.

Oak flooring in the interior
Project in Lithuania. (Medžio stilius). Interior: Dovilės interjeras. Photo: Gerda Baltrūnaitė. Flooring colour: E-5454, Naturale. Grade: Rustic.

Scandinavian Style

We cherish the timeless elegance of Scandinavian interior style and the natural beauty of oak floors, doors, and stairs. Scandinavian design is renowned for its simplicity, functionality, and attention to creating a calm and cosy atmosphere. With its warm tones and distinctive textural patterns, oak perfectly complements this aesthetic, bringing an organic charm to any space. 

Scandinavian style wooden doors manufacturer
Interior design: Eglės vizualizacijos. Photographer: Benas Šileika. Flooring & doors manufacturer: Ecowood. Door style: Scandinavian. Colour: RAL 9003. Flooring colour: 3409, Transparent white. Grade: Nature.

The use of oak in Scandinavian interiors reflects a deep appreciation of nature and a desire to bring its calming effect indoors. Whether it’s the crisp and clean lines of an oak floor, a sturdy and durable Scandinavian style oak door, or a graceful and robust oak staircase, each element blends seamlessly into the overall design, creating a harmonious and cohesive look. Oak’s ability to age gracefully and its inherent durability make it not only a stylish choice but also an investment in lasting beauty. You will discover the charm of Scandinavian style and the enduring appeal of oak in creating spaces that radiate calm and understated elegance.

Classic Style

You can add to the timeless beauty of a classic interior style with the distinctive charm of oak floors, doors and stairs. Classical design is characterised by elegance, symmetry and attention to detail, and oak wood is the perfect companion to emphasise these qualities. With its rich and warm tones, oak adds a sense of grandeur and sophistication to any space. The natural patterns and textures of oak wood add depth and visual interest, creating a luxurious atmosphere that radiates timeless charm.

classic style wooden doors and floors manufacturer
Project from Gdansk, Poland (Styl Drzewa). Doors style: classic (D1F). Flooring & doors colour: 3081, Walnut Transparent. Grade: Original.

In classic interiors, oak flooring provides a solid base that evokes a sense of tradition and sophistication. Classic oak doors, which accentuate the robust and natural, act as focal points, blending seamlessly into the overall design while boldly demonstrating craftsmanship. With its graceful curves and solid construction, the majestic oak staircase adds grandeur to the space and invites you to soar to new heights of elegance.

In addition, the durability and resilience of oak wood ensure that it will retain its beauty for years to come, standing the test of time in a truly classic way.

The combination of colours and shapes can be unique, thanks to the wide choice of finishes and oak parquet laid in various patterns – a timeless accent to classic interiors, making it stand out. The appeal of the classic style is enhanced by the unparalleled elegance of oak floors, doors and stairs, embodying the essence of refinement and grace.

Modern Style

Let’s experience the charming fusion of modern interior style and the charm of natural oak floors, doors, and stairs. In modern design, oak wood plays a unique role, creating a striking contrast with modern materials such as glass, concrete and metal. The use of oak in modern interiors adds an element of warmth, texture and naturalness that beautifully balances the elegance and coldness of these materials. The rich, earthy tones and unique texture patterns of oak flooring add a sense of organic beauty, grounding the space and creating a harmonious balance. 

modern style wooden doors & floors in the interior
Interior designer: Kristė Budraitytė. Photos: Enrika Samulionytė. Flooring & doors manufacturer: Ecowood. Door style: modern. Model: Velvet. Colour: C-3418, Cacao. Flooring colour: T-9280, Capraia.

Solid and elegant oak doors, such as the Velvet model, become focal points that give depth and character to the space while visually contrasting with the transparent and reflective qualities of the glass. The oak staircase, with its robust construction and natural charm, contrasts the clean lines and industrial feel of concrete or metal. This intriguing juxtaposition between the oak wood’s naturalness and the materials’ contemporary style creates a dynamic interaction that captures the attention and creates visual interest. 

Oak’s inherent durability and longevity ensure that it will age gracefully with the latest materials, providing a timeless quality that defies passing trends. By incorporating oak floors, doors, and stairs into your modern interior, you will experience the fascinating combination of natural and modern and the harmony that comes from combining contrasting elements.

It’s Not Just the Color That Makes an Impression, But Also The Finish and Unexpected Combinations

Different finishes can reveal oak from unexpected angles. Mastri Toscani Siena colour with a cross-brushed finish creates an unexpected combination with concrete.

For bold customers looking for avant-garde solutions, we recommend the black-painted oak door. Here, the texture of the wood reveals yet another side of itself.

modern style oak doors in urban interior
Project in Vilnius, Lithuania (Medžio stilius). Interior design: Justina Skurdelytė, Marius Simokaitis, OUYOU. Photographer: Gedmantas Kropis. Interior doors (Modern style, NCS S 9000-N), skirting boards.

Modern style is not just about combinations or materials not used before. The Art Deco style, which has now found a new lease of life and is bringing back the nostalgia of many, is also a perfect complement to the mood and atmosphere of a modern home. Subtly milled Art Deco oak doors are a big hit in our recent range. Combined with the ever-stylish Chevron parquet pattern, the impression is only enhanced.

Art Deco doors
Art Deco doors

Parquet – A Versatile Solution

Parquet, available in timeless Herringbone and Chevron patterns, is a versatile solution that easily adapts to different interior styles. Its ability to easily transform spaces is truly remarkable. In contemporary interiors, oak parquet provides warmth and texture, contrasting beautifully with elegant modern materials. The clean lines and geometric precision of Chevron parquet create a dynamic visual impression, while Herringbone parquet adds a touch of elegance with its intricate and sophisticated pattern. Regarding Scandinavian interiors, oak parquet perfectly complements the clean and minimalist design aesthetic. Its light and medium tones create a harmonious and calming atmosphere. The Herringbone pattern enhances the overall feeling of the space, while the Chevron parquet gives the room a subtle playfulness. 

Interior: Morodesign. Flooring colour: Q-2118, Dunes. Grade: Rustic. Pattern: Chevron.

In classic interiors, oak parquet embodies tradition and sophistication. Darker shades of oak add a touch of splendour and luxury. The choice between Herringbone and Chevron patterns depends on the desired visual effect and personal preference. Both patterns add a unique character to any style of interior. 

herringbone parquet
Project in Lithuania (Medžio stilius). Interior designer: Olga Nazarova. Flooring colour: C-3418, Cacao. Pattern: Herringbone.

Oak parquet is available in a wide range of colours, from light to dark tones, so it can be adapted to suit the overall colour scheme of the space. Whether it’s the warm and inviting shades of sand dune oak (Dunes Q-2118) or the rich and sophisticated shades of dark and all-black oak (Deep Black E-5019), oak parquet offers endless possibilities to create a truly distinctive and captivating flooring solution that elevates any interior style to new heights.

Just a Cosy Home

Many people wouldn’t answer the question, “What is the style of my home interior?”. But we all know if we feel good and cosy in our own homes. That’s where natural things come into play – natural things that warm you up, create a mood and invite you to come together. An oak floor is a wonderful place for everyone to sit down, to play with the children, to create games right on the floor, to look at the beautiful patterns of the oak tree, to look for branches, maybe a lightning strike, to learn to know and appreciate nature and all that it so generously gives us. Closing the oak door makes us feel safe, and climbing the oak stairs gives us the peace of mind that we will reach our destination.

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