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Wooden Flooring Trends for 2024

Nature-inspired living is here to stay! The demand for sustainable finishing materials has been rising for the past few years until it has  grown into an empowering interior idea that shapes the choices of designers and DIY enthusiasts. More than ever, people are willing to invest in eco-friendly and human-friendly products, such as sustainably made wooden flooring.

Wooden Flooring Trends for 2024
A project in the UK (Ecohardwood). Interior: Katie Malik. Photo: Maciek Platek. Flooring pattern: Herringbone. Colour: 3481, Walnut. Grading: Select.


Wooden flooring is one of the most desired options because of its durability, compatibility with underfloor heating, resistance to moisture or temperature fluctuations, and easy renewal. However, it may be hard to choose with a wide variety of engineered wood flooring patterns, grades, and finishings available. We’re here to help: follow this blog post to discover the hottest wooden flooring trends for 2024.

  1. Wooden Flooring All Over The House
  2. Eco-friendly Finishing
  3. Warm Colours Are Making a Come-Back
  4. Classic Flooring Patterns Retain Popularity
  5. Searching for Authenticity With Intricate Flooring Patterns
  6. Making an Impression with Wide Plank Flooring
  7. Rustic Grade Adds Depth to Any Room
  8. Keeping Up-to-Date


1. Wooden Flooring All Over The House

Modern manufacturing technologies have completely transformed the use of wooden flooring. Engineered oak flooring, resistant to temperature changes, is an excellent choice for spaces equipped with underfloor heating. Furthermore, engineered wood flooring can now be confidently installed throughout the entire house, including high-moisture areas like kitchens and bathrooms, thanks to its enhanced resistance to moisture and minor scratches.

Opting for the same flooring material in all areas simplifies creating a cohesive and unified interior. Many homeowners choose consistent flooring patterns and colours throughout their homes, often taking an extra step to match the floor colour with wooden doors or stairs. Achieving a seamless look is straightforward by selecting products from the same manufacturer and using the same shade of oil to coat them, creating the desired style.

Interior with natural wooden flooring Project in the UK (Ecohardwood). Interior: Craft Architects. Colour: 3305, Natural. Grading: Rustic.

2. Eco-friendly Finishing for Natural Aesthetics and Maximum Safety

Gone are the times when lacquer was the usual way to finish the engineered wood flooring. Oil is considered a much better finish for various reasons. First, it maintains real hardwood’s natural look and feel while giving the oak flooring some colour. Secondly, oil penetrates the wood, providing a deeper defense, while lacquer sits on top of the wood and does not sink like oil does. Finally, oil is much easier to renew than lacquer – no scraping is needed.

At Ecowood, we use eco-friendly German SAICOS oil for pre-finishing. Prefinished oiled planks dry entirely under natural conditions. The time we give for oil absorption is immensely beneficial for further long-lasting use in any home environment.

Oiled wooden flooring, wide floorboards in the interior
Project in the UK (Ecohardwood). Interior: Francisco Sutherland Architects. Photographer: Anton Rodriguez. Width: 230 mm, Colour: 3408, White.


3.Warm Colours Are Making a Come-Back

People all over Europe are looking for highly customised hardwood flooring to distinguish their home design from others. Understandably, hardwood floors can survive multiple interior design changes and still look stylish and modern. This allows brave experimentation with various shades, widths, gradings, or patterns.Here are the top trending choices:

Natural shades are incredibly versatile. They suit the taste of modernists, minimalists, the Scandi-style enthusiasts and can also provide a coastal house vibe, admired by boho-style fans.

Like human skin, oak floor colors are complex, thus, the final look depends significantly on their “undertones”. We have a wide variety of natural flooring shades available – starting with warm 3305, Colourless Oil, 3409, Transparent White or E-5454 Naturale, and finishing with colder E-2401 Ivory or 3408, White.

Wooden Flooring Trends for 2024
A project in Lithuania (Medžio stilius). Interior: Mile Studio. Photo: Gabrielė Gudkovaitė. Colour: E-5454, Naturale. Grading: Original.

Brown oak shades add depth and dimension to any room and therefore are popular among those who want the natural wood flooring to become one of the highlights of the interior.

Whether rich brown, such as E-7605, Tobacco or darker brown, such as 3490, Ebony or T-2895, Chiana, these flooring hues create an immense impression of sophistication.

Rustic wooden flooring in deep walnut shade
A project in Lithuania (Medžio stilius). Interior: Dovilės interjeras. Photo: Benas Šileika. Flooring colour: 3481, Walnut. Grading: Rustic.

Unique designer colors. High-quality engineered wood flooring is a purchase of a lifetime. Therefore, a growing number of people see it as a statement that defines their home. They are willing to invest their time in carefully selecting a unique product.

Unique dark oak flooring shade from Mastri Toscani collection Chiana
A project in Lithuania (Medžio stilius). Interior: Aiste NOI. Flooring pattern: Chevron. Colour: T-2895, Chiana. Grading: Premium.

For such people, we have released an impressive Mastri-Toscani collection created by a talented Italian designer Enrico Piselli.  “I do not create color. I take it from nature,” says Enrico. He has developed various flooring shades – each of them was inspired by breathtaking Tuscanian cities and their nature.

After we refined our assortment in the beginning of 2024, three exclusive, highly sought-after Mastri Toscani colours, which you won’t find anywhere else, are now available for purchase at Ecowood.

Wooden Flooring Trends for 2024

What about grey oak flooring? Warmer, more natural shades are making a comeback in residential interior design, causing the grey tones, known for their ultra-modern look, to gradually lose popularity. However, grey hues are still a preferred option for busy commercial spaces like offices, shops, and restaurants. Grey oak’s lasting popularity in these environments is due to its effective concealment of dust, stains, and minor imperfections.

Whether in light shade, such as our new colour 4008, Platinum, E-8632, SilkQ-3408, Aqua Extra White, and Q-2118, Dunes, or in a darker shade, such as Q-4505, Silver Dust or Q-3409 Aqua Transparent White, grey oak flooring palette looks sophisticated.

Wooden Flooring Trends for 2024
A project in the UK (Ecohardwood). Kitchen design by Blakes London. Main contractor: Mascot Bespoke Homes. Photo credit: 82mm photography. Flooring pattern: Chevron. Colour: Q-3409, Aqua Transparent White. Grading: Rustic.

For a cosier, less pretentious look, brown shades with just a little hint of grey work perfectly. Check the 3477, Graphite Grey, C-3418 Cacao, or discover our new distinctive shades – 4007, Granola and 4010, Latte.


4. Classic Wooden Flooring Patterns Retain Popularity

The most popular choices for laying wooden flooring are timeless designs that complement various interior styles:

  • Planks: In this classic layout, floorboards are laid parallel in straight lines, creating a simple and enduring look.
  • Traditional Herringbone: This design involves cutting planks and installing floorboards at a 90° angle to form a broken zig-zag pattern, adding a touch of tradition and charm.
  • Luxurious Chevron 45°: In this elegant option, floorboards are cut at a 45° angle and meticulously installed to create a V-shaped pattern, bringing a sense of luxury and sophistication to the space.
  • Sophisticated Chevron 30°: For a more relaxed and spacious ambience, the Chevron 30° pattern is chosen. Floorboards are cut at a 30° angle, offering the flooring layout a sophisticated and open feel.
Villa Aura (Ecohardwood). Flooring pattern: Herringbone. Colour: E-5454, Naturale. Grading: Original.

At Ecowood, we produce all of these flooring patterns as well as more intricate ones – our state-of-the-art equipment ensures precise accuracy. Read further to learn how to spice up the space with unusual, original patterns.

For those searching for a more dynamic and authentic space, selecting an intricate pattern that creates a 3D effect is a popular choice. Another effective option is to add borders to the planks or parquet for a more eye-catching flooring design, creating a framing effect.

5. Searching for Authenticity With Intricate Flooring Patterns

Intricately patterned oak flooring can instantly elevate any space, infusing it with luxury and authentic charm. Two trending patterns to consider are Art Deco and Diamond.

The Art Deco pattern, characterized by its geometric shapes and bold lines, radiates sophistication. Often integrated into large-scale installations, this pattern harmonizes well with contemporary interiors, introducing a touch of glamour and sophistication.

Moreover, Art Deco flooring go well with Art Deco doors and stair railings that complete the look.

Art Deco Collection — A Fusion of Elegance and Modernity
Art Deco collection.

The Diamond pattern exudes a classic and elegant aesthetic, featuring interlocking squares that create a captivating interplay of light and shadow. In the design of the Diamond oak parquet, you’ll find geometric elements, cubes, hexagons and even intricate weaves interacting.  

Diamond Parquet Pattern — A Real Diamond In Our Portfolio
Flooring pattern: Diamond. Colour: T-2895, Chiana.

Both patterns highlight the natural beauty of oak while adding refinement and intricate detail to enhance the interiors. At Ecowood, we ensure precise accuracy of manufacturing them with state-of-the-art equipment

6. Making an Impression with Wide Plank Engineered Wood Flooring

Wide planks are among the top flooring trends of the year. Not only do they give the interior a premium, luxurious feel, but they also make the floor look more “seamless.” Ecowood offers 4 different flooring widths – starting with the classical 115 mm and finishing with extra wide, impressive 230 mm wide floor planks.

Radisson Collection Hotel Interior with Ecowood's wide plank chevron parquet
A project in Estonia (Lincona). Radisson Collection hotel in Talinn. Interior architects: Argo Vaikla, Katrin Vaikla, Kristoffer Vaikla, Kaidi Org, Mari-Liis Süld (Vaikla disain). Photo: Søren Dam Thomsen. Flooring pattern: Chevron. Colour: 3485, Rosewood. Grading: Select.

When paired with a pattern, wide planks can turn the flooring into a breathtaking design accent at any space. Just look at an example from Radisson Collection Hotel interior, where 180 mm wide floorboards were used.

7. Rustic Grade Adds Depth to Any Room

With nature-inspired interiors on the rise, a rustic grade is a natural top choice for many flooring buyers. Rustic grading adds depth to any room. It’s also the best choice to display the complete characteristics of oak. Moreover, it’s an affordable option for the economic buyers.

Our products travel to more than 20 countries, and the demand for rustic grade flooring is high everywhere. Rustic grade emphasizes the material used for flooring and looks equally fantastic when paired with light or dark colors, planks or parquet, narrow or wide planks.

Wooden herringbone parquet in the interiorProject in the UK (Ecohardwood). Interior: Moxy & Co. Colour: 3305, Natural. Grade: Rustic.

8. Keeping Up-to-Date: How We Come Up With Ideas For New Products

Ecowood goes hand in hand with modern design trends. Close collaboration with our partners in more than 20 countries, the designers’ network, and our professional R&D team help us constantly bring the most relevant products to the market. Therefore, we can offer a wide assortment of up-to-date oak flooring, door models, stairs, and skirting boards that can satisfy the tastes of very different customers.

Always competitive prices due to effective management, high-yield technology, and state-of-the-art equipment. Contact our team for partnership opportunities.

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