Spacious Interior With Light Engineered Wood Flooring and Interior Doors

Architect Ekaterina Oleinik
Photograph Viktor Kiaulakis
Completed project

A real monument to sustainable design, Ecowood’s engineered wood flooring captures the imaginative vision of Ekaterina Oleinik. This flooring option brings the outdoors indoors by capturing the essence of nature with the choice to use wide planks and light E-2410 Ivory colour. Wide wooden engineered flooring planks impart a sense of openness and modernity that’s highly sought after in interior design today. The door, in the same beautiful Ivory shade, seamlessly integrates with the flooring. The combination of wide wooden planks and the Ivory door not only adds style but also a sense of spaciousness to any interior, making it a trendy choice for those looking to elevate their living spaces.

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